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Yarelly Solorio-Rivera: Woman charged with shooting sister and infant niece to death out of 'jealousy'

Yarelly Solorio-Rivera and her boyfriend, Martin Arroyo-Morales, were arrested and charged with two counts of premeditated murder
UPDATED NOV 11, 2022
Yarelly Solorio-Rivera (L) was taken into custody by Fresno Police for the murder of her sister, Yanelly, and niece, Celine (Fresno Police Department/Facebook)
Yarelly Solorio-Rivera (L) was taken into custody by Fresno Police for the murder of her sister, Yanelly, and niece, Celine (Fresno Police Department/Facebook)

This article contains distressing content that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised. 

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA: Yanelly Solorio-Rivera and her three-week-old daughter Celine were shot and killed as they slept in their bed holding each other on September 24. About 7 weeks after the incident, police in Fresno have arrested the victim's older sister and her boyfriend. Investigators blame sibling rivalry and jealousy for the gruesome killings of the 18-year-old mother and her daughter.

Authorities reported that Yarelly Solorio-Rivera, 22, along with her boyfriend, 26-year-old Martin Arroyo-Morales, was arrested on Wednesday, November 9, and charged with two counts of premeditated murder in connection to the deaths of Yanelly and her infant daughter. Arroyo-Morales has been referred to by police as a "validated gang member."


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"We can now say with complete certainty that we have those responsible for this homicide in custody," Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama said during a press conference announcing the arrests. According to a press release from the department, officers from the Southwest Policing District responded to a call concerning multiple gunshots being fired inside a home in the 2500 block of South Fruit Avenue at around 7.20 am on September 24. First responders found Yanelly and Celine inside the bedroom unresponsive with gunshot wounds to the upper torso. Neither recovered from their wounds, and emergency medical services (EMS) officials declared both dead at the spot.

The new mother was sleeping while cradling her infant daughter when they were shot in a "premeditated and intricately planned" murder, according to Chief Balderrama. "The murder scene was dramatic for all officers, detectives, EMS personnel, and crime scene technicians who responded to the scene," Balderrama said. "The crime left us all feeling perplexed and very angry, asking ourselves, who would do something like this – who would murder an 18-year-old mother and her 3-week-old daughter while they slept?"

Authorities had concerns about Yarelly and her partner early on in the investigation, but they were initially unable to gather enough evidence to make an arrest, according to the Chief. After being arrested, both suspects allegedly confessed to the killings, showed detectives where the murder weapon was hidden, and gave an account of why Yarelly supposedly wanted her younger sister dead. "We have the murder weapon – a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun – and we have a motive – jealousy and sibling rivalry," Balderrama said. He later added that the suspects showed "no remorse whatsoever" after their alleged confessions.

Both suspects were arrested and booked into the Fresno County Jail where they are being held on a $2 million bond. They will be charged in the county superior court early next week.