Forget 'Yanny or Laurel', the internet can't figure out if this cup is round or square

After the dress and Yanny or Laurel, a new challenge is in town and, this time, people really can't believe their eyes

                            Forget 'Yanny or Laurel', the internet can't figure out if this cup is round or square
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The internet is a crazy place where one intrigue replaces another and, as it turns out, the Yanny or Laurel debate now has a challenger. Social media was left baffled after Tony Fisher, who runs his own YouTube channel creating puzzles, invented a cup which happens to be both round and square. Crazy, right?

Tony recently made up a cup which will make you look twice and, to prove that it is not a prank, he decided to fill the cup with milk. When one looks at the image, they will realize that the cup is round, but it all changes when you lay your eyes on the mirror which is kept in front of the cup. 

When one looks in the mirror, we see that the cup is square. Before you break your head trying to figure this out, the answer is simple: it is physics. "The milk and spoon were used to show there was no video trickery. Milk shows up better than other liquids in the gold mug. The mug is based on a shape devised by Kokichi Sugihara," Tony said, as reported by The Sun. Tony uses a type of science called anomalous symmetry to create illusions.

In this, the illusions appear to break the laws of optical physics by forcing mirrors to reflect what appears to be the opposite of what would normally be reflected. This in turn just tricks the eyes of the viewers and makes the mind believe that it is seeing something different. 

The debate about a round or square cup comes after the debate about Yanny or Laurel. In case you forgot what it is, let us refresh your memory. In May, social media was sent into a frenzy after a clip was uploaded online which sounded more like a robotic voice trying to say a name out loud. The question accompanying the clip asked listeners to identify which name they could hear in the clip.

While some people happened to hear the name 'Laurel', the others were hearing 'Yanny'. Soon, there was a debate online where people tried to put their heads together to come up with an answer. Well, thanks to Wired, we got to the bottom of the truth.

It all started when a group of high school students uploaded one of their projects online. They needed help in getting an answer. Freshman Katie Hetzel explained that she had recorded the voice from a vocabulary site for a school project and saw her classmates debating over its contents.

One group thought that the voice was saying Laurel and the other which thought it was saying Yanny. The answer or the name you hear lies in the frequency of the sound that people hear. The higher frequency sounds make the listener hear "Yanny" while the lower frequency sounds like "Laurel." For instance, a child who is 9 years old will probably hear the word 'Yanny', while someone who is older might hear the word 'Laurel'. As for those looking for the real answer, the word is Laurel. So, team Laurel, you won!