"We're being our complete selves...a lot of people are naturally drawn to the music," Xuitcasecity on their appeal

The duo released their new EP 'CXTY NIGHTS' in November, and tell MEAWW where they came from and where they plan to go

                            "We're being our complete selves...a lot of people are naturally drawn to the music," Xuitcasecity on their appeal

Music duo Xuitcasecity (pronounced Suitcase City) is officially unpacking their bags and marking their territory in the music industry. Comprising young recording artists and music producers Mike Gomes and Cam Young, the biracial pair brings forth musical diversity with their seamless fusion of Pop, Hip-hop and Electro, crafted with authentic instruments and digital sounds to create nostalgic records for all walks of life. They have since quickly climbed the ladder and the Billboard charts while racking up 1.6M+ monthly Spotify listeners. Following the release of their wildly successful debut EP 'INDXGO' (Entertainment One, 2017), Xuitcasecity released their sophomore EP 'CXTY NIGHTS' in November 2018. 

The duo released a few singles off of their new EP, including the popular track 'Famous' with The Mighty Riot, 'Die Young' and 'Waiting For' (as featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist) – giving the audience a taste of what’s to come.

They’ve additionally recently paired up with Mia Vaile to release their tri-fold electro-pop single 'Your Terms' ft. House of Wolves – highlighting Mia’s delicate vocals and peppered with the juxtaposing rap and vibrato verses from Xuitcasecity. Generating a fresh and completely unique sound wave, Xuitcasecity has crafted an intricately creative music style that boasts originality, honest lyrics, and addictive production.


The name ‘Xuitcasecity’ was inspired by the Tampa neighborhood Suitcase City, conceptualized by the unstable feeling of constantly being on the move and not having a true place to call home. Likewise, their music reaches far beyond the boundaries of a singular genre, taking their listeners on a musical journey with each new track.

Last year, Xuitcasecity released their debut EP 'INDIXGO' (named for their blend of genres, just as indigo is a blend of colors) – from which their single 'Bout You' peaked at #36 on Billboard’s Rhythmic Songs Chart. The pair has toured with major artists like Zedd, Cheat Codes, Carnage, Lost Kings, Vicetone, Chiddy Bang, and even performed Mainstage at Electric Zoo 2018. They have also been featured on a multitude of top Spotify playlists including ‘New Music Friday’ and ‘Discovery Weekly’.

Although already well-established in terms of success and sound, Mike Gomes and Cam Young only formed Xuitcasecity two and a half years ago, conjoining their yin-and-yang backgrounds and musical roots. While both born in small northeastern states – Mike in Rhode Island and Cam in New Jersey – each spent their teen years in Florida with dreams of becoming pro-athletes. Mike’s baseball dreams came to a halt when his coach put politics into play – divvying up playtime by booster club payments.

Afterward, his dad bought him a cheap acoustic guitar and he strummed up a new dream of becoming a musician – such as his longtime idol Justin Timberlake. Meanwhile, Cam was raised by the voices of hip-hop heroes and later took to pop and electronic genres, inspired by organically curated artists like Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and Skrillex. Although shy in school, he began freestyling with friends and at parties. Gaining popularity, he purchased a cheap mic, recorded 3 albums that he dished out to his classmates for free, and eventually became known as recording artist ‘Young Cam’ throughout Tampa, Florida.


Within the intimate music culture of Tampa, the pair had lightly known each other for 8 years. While on Facebook one day, Cam reached out to Mike about creating a song together. After a few weeks of blatantly ignoring the message, Mike finally listened to the track and realized there was something special there. The two worked on their own solo acts for a few years in different cities, while featuring each other on their tracks, but eventually linked back up 2 ½  years ago and decided to join forces as Xuitcasecity.

The biracial duo has been breaking boundaries, with their ability to create a sound that touches a wide audience by seamlessly threading together numerous genres into a singular track. With their latest singles and EP 'CXTY NIGHTS', they hope to use their message to spread positivity and unify humans as a whole as opposed to being classified through different races – and ultimately show fans that it's not about where you start out or what you go through, it's about where you end up.


Outside of their love of music and keen fashion sense (for which they are working on a unique merch line for their fans), the two have expressed passions for charitable causes helping underprivileged/abused children, breast cancer, renewable energy, and care for wildlife.

What is the concept behind your new EP, 'CXTY NIGHTS'?

We wanted to create something that our fans could play realistically anywhere. Overall we were looking for a really chill vibe with some hard-knocking drops.

'Goodbye' was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and you are now releasing an acoustic version on Christmas Eve. Why did you decide to release an acoustic version of this track?

We actually have the entire EP in acoustic form. We love hearing different approaches to our records and making acoustic versions is one way to do that. We get that not everyone wants to hear hype music all the time so the acoustic versions make the records feel much more downtempo and relaxing. 


Could you walk us through the process of creating ‘CXTY NIGHTS’?

Each track was unique in its own way. Some of them we created on the spot in the studio and others we already had the acapella for and sat down with the producer to create the record. 

How different was the experience creating ‘CXTY NIGHTS’ as compared to when you released your debut EP 'INDXGO' last year?

Completely. When we were creating INDXGO it was all YouTube beats and we didn't work hand in hand with an actual producer. The level of quality has increased because of this. 

What inspires you the most when it comes to creating music?

We're both drawn to very similar stuff. Whether it be feeling some type of way, an event we're telling a story about or explaining a vibe. The easiest way for us to create music that resonates with our fans is by experience. When we tell a story, our fans relate and that's what hits home. 


How would you define your genre?

Pop. It's numerous genres combined into one but at the end of the day, it works with a mass majority of people making it popular music! 

When you began releasing your singles, how did the audience receive it? How different was it from your expectation?

Unless you have a major label or a huge cult following you have to have patience in this industry. Every release has been different and some worked better than others. It's not always about how well a song does right out of the gate. It takes a long time, especially with radio. Slow and steady wins the race!

What has the reaction been to the singles from the EP that have already been released – 'Famous,' 'Die Young' and 'Waiting For'?

Incredible. We don't always get a lot of hate on our music for whatever reason. I think since we're being our complete selves in the process that a lot of people are naturally drawn to the music. It's easy on the ears. 


What projects will you be working on next? Any more music releases, music videos, tours, an LP?

We have a ton of unreleased music already, it's just a matter of when it will be released. We're always ready to release music but you have to give your listeners a chance to sit with your current releases. We've been filming all of the videos for CXTY NIGHTS and will be releasing those throughout the next year. We might be touring in 2019, you'll just have to wait and see!

What does your current playlist look like? 

We both listen to a lot of Hip Hop, Pop and Electro.....it really just depends on our moods. If you've heard it because it's poppin', chances are we have too.