Brave Connecticut homeowner fights back armed robber posing as delivery man in Ring camera footage

Brave Connecticut homeowner fights back armed robber posing as delivery man in Ring camera footage
Xavier Otero was spotted coming toward the house while dressed in an orange safety vest (East Haven PD)

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT: Two suspected robbers were arrested after they tried to get in by appearing as delivery personnel. However, their plan failed after the homeowner fought back despite Xavier Otero, 37, pulling out a gun. The incident was captured by the Ring camera, which led to the arrests, as per Connecticut police. In the footage, the accused Otero can be seen coming toward the Maple Street house while dressed in an orange safety vest.

He was holding a package in one hand, as he knocks on the door. After the owner opens the door, he takes out a gun from his pocket, but the owner quickly reacts and pushes the alleged robber backward. It forces Otero to flee the scene and gets back into the passenger seat of a waiting silver and black Dodge Ram. “The incident was captured on the homeowner's Ring camera system and images of the suspect and video of the incident were immediately disseminated through various media and social media outlets,' said East Haven police before adding “Soon after, tips began coming in.”


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(East Haven PD)
Arrested suspects Xavier Otero, 37, (L), and Jean Carrasquillo-Torres, 26 (East Haven PD)

'Held on a $250,000.00 bond, scheduled to appear on April 26'

Otero was taken in by the authorities from Hartford, which was just 45 miles away from the house, and the driver of the Dodge Ram Jean Carrasquillo-Torres, 26, was nabbed 10 miles east of Hartford. During the investigation, the cops found zip ties 'and weapons-related items' inside the house of Torres. 1.1kg of fentanyl and equipment for manufacturing were also recovered by the authorities, as per the Daily Mail.

Otero is held on counts of home invasion, criminal possession of a firearm, and attempt to commit unlawful restraint, among other related charges. The other robber, Carrasquillo-Torres faces conspiracy to commit home invasion, plus drugs and weapons charges. The duo will appear in court on April 26 and are currently held at the East Haven Police Department on a $250,000.00 bond.


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 Brave Connecticut homeowner fights back armed robber posing as delivery man in Ring camera footage