'X-Men, Dark Phoenix' trailer shows Sophie Turner's Jean Grey evolve and the chaos her powers can cause

'X-Men, Dark Phoenix' trailer shows Sophie Turner's Jean Grey evolve and the chaos her powers can cause

In the new 'Dark Phoenix' trailer, we see Sophie Turner as Jean Grey come into her own and evolve with her powers. The trailer shows how Grey, an introvert with just a few friends, comes back from the dead to become one of the most feared members of the X-Men because of the extent of her power, and for being the only living being to survive a form of energy which has contributed to the destruction of everything it has ever come in contact with. 

'Dark Phoenix' shows what happens when Jean loses control of herself on using her power. It is a reminder of the destruction Jean is capable of bringing to mankind if she were to turn evil and it looks like Jean slowly falls prey to her powers. She revels in the chaos of her powers enough to understand how scary it is, but also accepts that she enjoys them. She confesses, "When I lose control bad things happen, but it feels good." And that, in a nutshell, is what Jean has to fight. Turner, who has so far impressed fans with her role as Sansa Stark is set to rule again as Jean and if we were to go by how intense this one scene from the trailer is, we can expect some good things from this X-Men movie. 

The official synopsis of the film reads, "The X-Men face their most formidable and powerful foe when one of their own, Jean Grey, starts to spiral out of control. During a rescue mission in outer space, Jean is nearly killed when she's hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, this force not only makes her infinitely more powerful but far more unstable." We see the reason for her instability in the trailer. It comes in the form of Jessica Chastain, who plays the role of "the devil on Jean's shoulders" according to director Simon Kinberg. She is similar to Mystique in the sense, she is a shapeshifting alien. If the X-Men are to save Jean, they would have to fight her. 

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's fiance Joe Jonas thought she was on fire in the trailer.

She has Jean believe that what X-men fear, "they seek to destroy," which in turn will instill insecurity and fear in Jean. Scott, who is usually able to calm Jean down, also seems unable to help in this situation. In fact, he is the only one who says, "She's still our friend," amid everyone who is worried about Jean killing them all. But when he tries to reach out to her, she attacks him too. 

Jean is so powerful, she can even beat Magneto (Michael Fassbender) in a fight, as we see in the trailer. She pushes away Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), attacks Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and even Quicksilver (Evan Peters) is unable to stop her, so how will the X-Men take a stand against their own? We will have to wait and see June 7, which is when the film is slated to release.

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