'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' release date pushed to June 7, 2019

Writer and director Simon Kinberg said the film was delayed to increase its exposure to a wider global audience

                            'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' release date pushed to June 7, 2019

The release of 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' has been delayed even despite the ending of the film having been re-shoot. The film is set to release in June 2019 and not February.

Writer and director Simon Kinberg explained the reason for this delay in an interview with Collider, "It was a date, February 14th, that we initially liked for the movie but when we realised that we weren't gonna have the visual effects ready to release it globally the way we wanted to, and the Gambit date opened up because it wasn't gonna be ready for that June 7 date."

Kinberg said that they made a comparison between the two dates and realised that date in June was a bigger opportunity for them globally.

"We looked at that date versus the February 14th date, the studio did and we did, we felt like that June date was a bigger opportunity for us globally. More screens, more IMAX screens, a better chance to play in China where these movies have a massive following." 

Kinberg reasoned that when the trailer for the film was released, it had 44,45 million views in China alone and it will be a bigger movie day-and-date globally. 

Kinberg took inspiration from Marvel Studio's epics and said that the re-shoot became part of an overall plan. He added, "One of the many things that Marvel Studios does so brilliantly is they build into their budgets a re-shoot period because the same way that writing a screenplay is an iterative process, where you're writing draft after draft, it makes sense – the way Marvel does it, the way Pixar does it – that making the movie is an iterative process as well, so you're learning as you're making the film, you're learning as you're editing the film what it needs."

Let's hope we don't have to wait too long to watch the forth prequel installment. 

'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' releases on June 7, 2019.