'X-Force': Beast casually reveals that Krakoa requires a yearly sacrifice of two mutants to survive

'X-Force': Beast casually reveals that Krakoa requires a yearly sacrifice of two mutants to survive
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Spoiler alert for 'X-Force' #9

Krakoa radically changed the status of mutants in the Marvel Universe, ushering in a new era of sovereignty, prosperity, innovation and relative peace. No one is saying that this kind of change comes without sacrifice, but we don't think anyone was quite prepared for how literal Krakoa seems to be taking it. 

In 'X-Force' #9, the X-Force team goes to investigate abnormalities in the nation of Terra Verde, which has suddenly stopped all communications with the rest of the world. Once there, X-Force finds that the entire country has been overgrown with plant life, which their team leader, Beast, finds very interesting.

In one of the issue's data pages, Beast talks about the nature of botanical mythology on Terra Verde, and its history of mixing violent sacrifice with agriculture — something, Beast notes, Terra Verde has in common with Krakoa.

"Sacrifice was a standard instrument of agriculture. The plentitude and even the taste and color of fruit and maize and other crops were determined by death. Flesh and blood were considered essential fertilizers," he writes.

He continues, "The plans must be sated if they are to be obedient. In this way, Terra Verde bears some resemblance to Krakoa (which requires the consumption of two mutants a year if it is to survive). 

It's the most, 'Wait, what?!' moment of the issue. Dawn of X has thrown a lot of surprises up, but few of them have been buried in a bracket on a data page whose focus is something else entirely.

It's fitting that Beast is the one to make the reveal as offhandedly as possible, given the way he's been embracing the darker sides of the Krakoan nation. This is the first time that this sacrifice has been mentioned. 

There are some burning, unanswered questions here. Given that the X-Men have essentially eliminated death, is the sacrifice that big of a deal when the victim can just be bought back to life after? Or does Krakoa require a more permanent offering?

How are the mutants chosen, and in what way are they sacrificed? What happens if mutants aren't sacrificed? How many people know of this or is it public knowledge? Most importantly — as Krakoa grows as a nation and Nightcrawler's Make More Mutants law comes into effect, will two mutants sacrificed a year be enough?

There's a lot that needs addressing here, but given how throwaway the revelation is, it might be a while before answers come to light.

'X-Force' #9 is on sale now, wherever comics are sold.

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