WWE Raw: Kevin Owens quits after humiliating loss to Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens had only two words for the crowd that had just watched his brutal loss to Seth Rollins: 'I quit'

                            WWE Raw: Kevin Owens quits after humiliating loss to Seth Rollins

In a very unexpected turn of events Kevin Owens, the Headlock Master, has announced that he quit from WWE. The former Universal Champion met with a hard-fought loss to Seth Rollins during Raw's Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge, KO sat down on a steel chair, stared hard at the crowd gathered and flatly announced that he quit.  

Rollins had given an open challenge to the locker room to fight him for the Intercontinental title and Owens had answered the challenge. Owens, who was looking forward to the win and a new title, had even issued a fiery promo, in which he said how nothing has gone right since he came over to Monday Night Raw and how this fight would turn all that around. The match will go down in Raw history as one of the best – with Rollins and Owens pulling out all their moves and tricks. However, the Intercontinental champion retained his title after Owens missed an impressive moonsault attempt.  



The crowd was in for a shocking surprise though, when the cameras turned back on KO and he was seated on a chair still in the ring. He only had two words for his fans and those rooting against him - “I quit.” 

It makes sense for Owens to be disgruntled about his time on Raw, especially after that humiliating loss to Braun Strowman at SummerSlam and now this. However, it also seems like a long-drawn plan for what is to come from Owens in the future. For all you know, this “quitting” may be synched with a pre-approved time off for the wrestler.  

As of August 28, he is not currently listed for any WWE live events until the show on Friday, September 7 in Birmingham, Alabama. There is a chunk of the wrestling community that believes that Owens will now be popping up at Saturday’s All In show, hosted by Cody and the Young Bucks.