Ready to Rumble: WWE legend Kelly Kelly hopes to make a comeback to the ring after career-threatening injuries

Ready to Rumble: WWE legend Kelly Kelly hopes to make a comeback to the ring after career-threatening injuries
Barbie Blank (Source:Getty Images)

WWE legend Kelly Kelly retired at the age of 24 after struggling with neck injuries during her successful career on WWE. Her real name is Barbie Blank and she recently revealed that the "door is open" for her to return to the ring.

Kelly even shared that she would like to face Charlotte Flair. The former DIVAS champion had joined the company back in the year 2006 and became one of the youngest stars on the roster at just 19-years-old. She started out with a stripper persona on ECW but eventually moved to RAW in the year 2008. 

The 30-year-old is now a model but she occasionally appeared on WWE even after she had to hang up her wrestling gloves. She appeared on RAW 25 and also went on to compete in the 2018 inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble match. According to, she said, "I always say never say never. When I left 5 years ago I left the door open so when I got the opportunity to come back and be a part of the Royal Rumble, I was so excited about it.”.


"We have a great relationship – me and WWE so the door is open so you never know," she added. Kelly named Charlotte as her dream opponent if she were ever to return to the ring. "I feel like she is such an amazing wrestler. She is amazing all around". 

"She has a gymnastics background. I feel we are similar without gymnastics and all that stuff. I think that would be a really exciting and thrilling match. I love her style and I think she's amazing," Kelly continued.

Charlotte got injured after both her breast implants "popped" while she was in the ring. Charlotte is recovering after undergoing surgery for the ruptured implants. During a Maria Menounos podcast, Charlotte opened up about her injury and surgery and shared, "I’m 32 and when I turned 21 I always wanted boobs. I never had boobs. I had an athletic body my whole life. Then when I started wrestling I had saline [put in] and I popped them in the ring and I woke up the next morning and they were gone". 


Charlotte did not think much of it and got the implants replaced but then she began to have a lot of pain behind her shoulder and went to the doctor to get a mammogram. There was a "free-floating silicon" around her chest which was causing her a lot of pain. The pain worsened until she had surgery and got it removed. 

Charlotte is the only wrestler to have held the Divas' Championship, NXT Women’s Championship and Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships. She is also regarded as being one of the leading members and frontrunners of the so-called Women's Revolution and WWE totally revamped how it treats its female wrestlers.  

The so-called Women’s Evolution saw the scrapping of the term "Diva" and the "Diva’s Championship". The movement was spearheaded by stars such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Paige, Becky Lynch, and Bayley. 

Ever since Kelly left WWE, she has had a successful modeling career and was also a cast member on the reality TV show WAGs alongside her husband hockey player Sheldon Souray. However, the couple separated in the year 2017 and she also left WAGs. The former Divas Champion is currently a shooting film and working on a clothing line as well.


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 WWE legend Kelly Kelly hopes for comeback