'Wrestlemania 36': It's memes and trolls galore as fans mock Undertaker vs AJ Styles' 'Oscar-worthy' fight

'Wrestlemania 36': It's memes and trolls galore as fans mock Undertaker vs AJ Styles' 'Oscar-worthy' fight
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Trust WWE and Undertaker to get in some major drama during 'Wrestlemania 36' night. The boneyard match featuring Taker and AJ styles was a proper film of sorts, and while fans were in for a treat, the scrimmage was also the perfect Saturday meme material as fans just couldn't hold back from wise-cracking on the whole fight. 

Here's the best one of all: "Oscars 2020 Taker vs Styles, The Movie bags 10 Awards:


Best Production

Best Short Film

Best Sound Editing

Best Live Original Screenplay

Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Visual Effects

Best Film Editing"

If this wasn't funny enough, one fan tweeted: "That must be best match I have seen in about 10 plus years. I am very impressed with tonight! Well done guys @VinceMcMahon". Here's another opinion: "This match... was epic. AJ Styles basically beats the Biker Taker, but then he turns on the Deadman and it's over from there. it was like two matches in one. Absolutely amazing, this... was freaking awesome."


"The production was good that my brother was asking me what movie I was watching," wrote another.

Unlike the rest of the games that took place in a closed space, this was done in an erected set with an open grave. Undertaker fans had a reason to rejoice when they saw their favorite star pull up with all this usual gear and take on AJ Styles. The latter took on the Taker along with Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and a bunch of hooded men, only to be beaten to a pulp. 


Gallows was thrown off a roof, Anderson was struck by a piledrive and Styles was chokeslammed. The thoroughly entertaining fight ended with Styles being tossed into the grave and buried under a pile of dirt. Classic taker move that "the deed" was indeed done. "How are you going to explain Styles surviving that?!" asked a fan. "Pat yourself on the back. That was simply phenomenal," said another. 


This fan summed things up perfectly: "This mania from the ladder match to the end was outstanding other than Goldberg match but let's not spoil the mood."

Here are some memes for you to have a good laugh:
















What are your thoughts on the Boneyard battle?

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