Who is protecting Wren Eleanor? Outrage after TikTok child star's videos become hotbed for PERVERTS

Who is protecting Wren Eleanor? Outrage after TikTok child star's videos become hotbed for PERVERTS
Many fans have expressed concern over the inappropriate comments on the videos (Getty Images)

TikTok child star Wren Eleanor's mother has been accused of slacking off on her parenting after many fans noticed that the 3-year-old girl's videos were receiving many inappropriate comments. Wren has over 17.3 million followers on TikTok, and her account is controlled by her mother Jacquelyn.

While no formal complaint has been lodged with authorities, a number of Reddit posts have slammed Wren's mother for being irresponsible with the kind of content she is sharing. Many feel that as an adult she should be aware that she is only exposing her daughter to cyberbullying, online predators and perverts. Netizens have also taken to Reddit and TikTok to accuse the mother of using her daughter to get some fame online. Jacquelyn has previously rejected all these claims saying that her daughter loves to do fun videos, and making these videos is just a fun mummy-daughter activity that she really enjoys.


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Quite a few netizens slammed TikTok for allowing content featuring young children. Some argued that such content should not be posted on social media. Another Reddit user u/Still_Operation6642 shared a now-deleted snippet of a TikTok video featuring Wren, and highlighted a comment that read, "I saw u at the park today." The user noted the comment and wrote, “As a mother how can she not see the danger she is putting her own daughter in.”


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Twitter was also inundated with concerns that Wren's videos on social media could be used for depraved purposes, with some urging others to report the TikTok account.

"Please look into the Wren Eleanor situation as well People are disgusting and I refuse to let my baby be exploited by sickos online. I know a lot of you genuinely enjoy seeing my cute little chunk but I can’t bring myself to share him publicly anymore," author Ashley St Claire tweeted.

"Something tells me I don’t want to actually Google Wren Eleanor," political strategist Seth Weathers added.

"Stop supporting TikTok creators that exploit their children. This Wren Eleanor situation is scary and her mom refuses to do anything about it. If you don’t know about it look it up on TikTok or even here and stop posting your own kids all over the internet while you’re at it," one Twitter user wrote.

"Pls go on TikTok and just report the account: wren.eleanor Her poor child is being sexualized by a ton of men in the comments and people are trying to get her account down!!" someone else urged.

"I just learned about Wren Eleanor and honestly I feel sick to my stomach. Her mom needs to quit posting her and take down her posts. I do not understand parents who post their children like she does," another chimed in.






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