Wait, What? World's first 'Cannabis Beer' is brewed by a Canadian startup

Wait, What? World's first 'Cannabis Beer' is brewed by a Canadian startup
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World's first cannabis beer from a cannabis plant is being brewed right now by a Canadian startup company named Provence Brands. And, while we're telling you all about it, someone is already enjoying a sip! (PS. Strictly for quality testing.)

Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana. Even though recreational weed will be available post-October; edibles will get legalized a year later. Regardless of how and when it did not take long for companies to start thinking of ways to make the best of this decision.

The first one to come up with the idea of turning cannabis into beer (and perhaps the best one) is the Canadian startup company. Even though one might think that there's nothing that could actually replace alcohol, CEO Dooma Wendschuh of Province Brands will make you think otherwise as his company is ready to create a brand new beverage which he is sure would make people fall in love with it.

As reported by Daily Mail, there have been beers on the market brewed with barley and infused with cannabis oil, but there are none that uses the plant itself to brew beer. 


Dooma hopes to change the drinking culture with this new beverage. "The idea came from thinking, 'Can we create something that can serve the role that alcohol serves in our society, and can we do that using this monumental sea change that is happening in our world right now?'" he told the tabloid. But he admitted that it wasn't an easy task to bring the product to where it stands as the first batch of cannabis beer tasted 'horrible' and 'like rotten broccoli.'

Meanwhile, in an interview with The Guardian, Dooma revealed that the new batch tasted 'dry, savory' and 'less sweet than a typical beer' and it might give an experience beyond anyone's imagination as he adds, "the beer hits you very quickly, which is not common for a marijuana edible."

Shedding light on the technique that is being used to make the beverage, Dooma said: "Our beer is brewed from the stalks, stem, and roots of the cannabis plant." He also believes, at this moment, Canada is the most suitable place for him to try his technique, and introduce this new form of beer. 


Speaking about which he said, "I don't think there was anywhere else in the world where we could do this business. Canada is already leading the world in creating an industry around medical cannabis, and we expect them to continue to lead the world in trading and industry around adult-use cannabis." Dooma wants the company to be the world's first cannabis brewery and plans on rolling out a variety of beers using different flavors and strains of cannabis.

Even though he believes that the product is safer and healthier than alcohol, there are certain risks that tag along with it: "Marijuana is not good for you, and our beers are not good for you," he said adding, "You should not drink them five times a day, you should not drink them first thing when you wake up in the morning. We're not saying that. If I could create an alternative to alcohol, that's something that would change the world. That's something I'm very passionate about."


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