World's former fattest man Paul Mason caught shoplifting in his mobility scooter, could face jail time

Mason, who had lost over 600 lbs. after meeting his former fiancee, has now 'gone into freefall' and could also be facing jail time for grand larceny in the US.

                            World's former fattest man Paul Mason caught shoplifting in his mobility scooter, could face jail time

Paul Mason, the former 'World's Fattest Man', who managed to get his weight down from 70 stone (980 lbs.) to 19 stone (266 lbs) could face jail time for shoplifting goods worth $225 (£170) in his mobility scooter and driving off, The Sun reports. 57-year-old Mason has been living in the US but plans to return to the UK for free NHS treatment for his morbid obesity: which involves double knee replacement and fixing his herniated stapled stomach. According to the report, his friends fear he has “gone into freefall”, piling on "16 stone to 35 stone" of weight after splitting from the fiancée who turned his life around in the US.

However a court date is now set to delay his return and he could even be jailed for grand larceny, accused of stealing aftershave, perfume, phone chargers and earphones from a Walmart. Paul is due in court on November 15.




David Pounds, who is producing a TV documentary on Mason, told the Sun: “He has put back on weight as he copes with his relationship break down and depression. His food addiction has really got hold of him. Now he has been accused of shoplifting. Paul has had safety nets in the past but now there is nothing to catch him."

However, residents of his hometown of Ipswich don't seem to keen on welcoming Paul with open arms, claiming that taxpayer's money could be better spent. One resident, Carer Maria Garnham said: “I know it’s an illness and I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to get treated. But to come back to the UK and use NHS money when it could be spent on better things, like local mental health, is infuriating."

"I suppose he will need housing in Ipswich again as well."




Before moving to Orange, Massachusetts, in 2014 to be with his now ex-girlfriend, Paul’s care was estimated to be costing the UK £100,000 ($129,819) a year. In total around £1,500,000 was spent on his health care. In a 2002 medical emergency, bricks and a window of his home had to be removed so a forklift could take him out. At one stage, he was reportedly consuming 20,000 calories a day, which is the equivalent of the daily recommended requirement of 10 average human beings. In 2010, Mason had a bypass that shrunk his stomach to the size of an egg, which has reportedly now herniated since he slipped back to his old ways.

Paul met his ex, Rebecca Mountain when she contacted him after seeing a documentary about him. They called off their engagement in September 2015 and after a brief reconciliation, split for good in March this year. The latest film about his life, as told by Pounds, is set to be completed by the end of the year.

Pound added: "His biggest fear is that he will end up in a wheelchair. But Paul is a survivor. When he wants to, he can lose weight dramatically. He just needs the right focus and right people around him."