'World of Dance' Season 4 Finale: MDC 3 win competition, excited fans say contemporary dance act 'deserved it'

Many fans were pleased to see a contemporary dance trio win 'World of Dance' for the first time

                            'World of Dance' Season 4 Finale: MDC 3 win competition, excited fans say contemporary dance act 'deserved it'

Madison Smith, Emma Mather and Diego Pasillas, aka MDC 3, may be the youngest dancers to compete in the Season 4 finale of 'World of Dance', but they are also one of the strongest contenders on the show. The trio has managed to consistently blow away the judges' minds with their amazing ability to narrate a beautiful story through their dance routines. 

Very early on in the show, the trio grabbed the judges' attention by narrating a beautiful yet messy love triangle story, which left the judges speechless. Later during the duels round, the trio picked off from where they left and continued with their star-crossed love saga. But for the semi-finals round, they decided to step away from their love stories and decided to honor Madison's mother who fought cancer, through a heartwarming performance, which conveyed the message love conquers all. Jennifer Lopez was left in tears after watching their intense performance. MDC 3 managed to get the highest score in semi-finals round and made their way to the finals.


For their final performance, the group brought in their A-game. This time around, they decided to share their experience of competing in 'World of Dance' through their performance. They didn't disappoint the judges or the fans with their jaw-dropping performance. The trio formed stunning formations, had a great stage presence and most importantly they kept everybody captivated with their beautiful storytelling ability. So, it came as no surprise when the judges began raving about their performance when they were asked to give feedback.

All three judges (JLo, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo) praised the group and emphasized the fact that they should be proud of themselves for how far they have come in the competition and for their incredible talent. The judges gave the dancers a whopping 95.7 as their score. MDC 3's performance was followed by Jefferson & Adrianita and Geometrie Variable. MDC 3 managed to retain their high score making them the winners of a million dollars!

Fans were thrilled with MDC 3's victory and took to their Twitter to express their approval of the winners. A fan tweeted, "MDC 3 was definitely deserving of the win #WorldofDance."


Another fan wrote, "WOW! congratulations MDC 3! Y'all really killed it this season! That final performance really went crazy! #WorldofDance."



Many fans were happy to see that contemporary dance finally won on 'World of Dance'. "I'm so happy that contemporary win this season. It makes me even happier it was a contemporary trio.#WorldofDance," expressed a fan.


Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "I’m so happy that MDC3 (my favs) are the first contemporary dance act to win World Of Dance! Well deserved win #WorldOfDance  @jlo @derekhough @NeYoCompound #wod @NBCWorldofDance @mdc3official #MDC3."


"FINALLY A CONTEMPORARY GROUP WINS  ahh I am so happy my favs from the beginning!!! Huge congrats to @mdc3official sooo well deserved!!! #worldofdance," posted a happy fan.


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