'World of Dance' Callbacks: Avant Garde Collective impress JLo but Hough and Ne-Yo don't agree with her

Dutch dance troupe 'Avant Garde Collective' has consistently managed to keep the judges on their toes with their unique performances

                            'World of Dance' Callbacks: Avant Garde Collective impress JLo but Hough and Ne-Yo don't agree with her
'Avant Garde Collective' (NBC)

Dutch dance troupe 'Avant Garde Collective' has time and again left the judges feeling divided with their performance on 'World of Dance'. During the qualifiers, the dance group gave a great performance, but unfortunately, it didn't win over all the judges. While Ne-Yo gave an instant yes, Jennifer Lopez wasn't too sure about the group and had a tough time visualizing them in the competition, so she gave them a no. The decision was finally left to Derek Hough. After some deliberation, Derek decided to give the group another chance and invited them for a callback.

The group took all the feedback from the judges into consideration and made the necessary changes. They came back well prepared for the callbacks. The group performed an interesting routine to classical music. They were extremely well synchronized and the dance moves were very different and were able to convey a story with their performance. However, this time around, the group got a very interesting response from the judges.



Avant Garde Collective finally managed to impress JLo, but ended up disappointing Derek and Ne-Yo. While JLo couldn't stop raving about the group's incredible performance and the significant improvement in comparison to their qualifiers performance, Derek expressed that he wasn't impressed. He pointed out to the group that something was missing, and preferred their qualifiers performance over the callbacks performance. Ne-Yo too expressed similar thoughts and picked out a move from their routine and expressed how he didn't enjoy it. JLo however loved the move which Ne-Yo disliked, and expressed her surprise.

So, once again the judges were divided after watching the Dutch group's performance. There are only four open spots and ten callback performers. So, the competition was very steep. After watching all the performances, the judges deliberated about each of the performances. While JLo kept repeating about how she found 'Avant Garde Collective's' performance unique, she couldn't persuade her fellow judges to agree with her. So, unfortunately, the Dutch dance troupe was sent back home and couldn't proceed to the duels round. 

'World of Dance' Season 4 airs every Tuesday at 10/9c only on ABC.

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