'World of Dance': Savannah Manzel's breathtaking duels act has fans calling her 'star of the night'

Nine-year-old Savannah takes on 305 in an intense nail-biting duel and interestingly, she carries on unfazed despite an interruption on stage

                            'World of Dance': Savannah Manzel's breathtaking duels act has fans calling her 'star of the night'
Savannah Manzel (Chris Haston/NBC)

Nine-year-old Savannah Manzel might be the youngest performer this season, but that doesn't stop this young dancer from showing off her incredible dance moves on the stage. After wowing the judges during the qualifiers round, Savannah was sent to the duels round, where she was paired against 305 dance troupe. 

Despite 305 being a big group, Savannah didn't look even one bit flustered. She quietly watched 305's performance and then proceeded to take over the stage when it was her turn. Right before she got on the stage, Jennifer Lopez ran up to her to make sure that the young dancer was doing alright and wasn't intimidated by competing against a large group.

Savannah happily got on the stage and began flaunting her unbelievable athleticism and acrobats. But midway during her performance, her mic fell off. So, her performance had to be halted as she could hurt herself. The crew was called in to get all sound equipment off her so that Savannah could perform without any further interruptions. The young dancer took the minor obstacle in her stride and once again began her dance routine.

At the end of her performance, the judges couldn't stop praising her for her amazing movements and how beautifully she carried herself. When the judges finally had to reveal their pick for the winner of the duel, it came as no surprise when they chose Savannah. Fans were extremely happy for her and took to Twitter to express the same. A fan tweeted, "In my opinion the savannah was the star of the night, what an amazing girl #WorldofDance." Another fan wrote, "Ok... Savannah is my favorite dancer this season #WorldofDance." One more said, "Omg savannah lil precious bean being nervous cause she was alone against a whole group. Well baby passion takes over everything! #WorldofDance @jlo."  


"#WorldofDance Savannah's talent technique athleticism exceeds her and everything that she does she did it twice and still was way over 305," pointed out a fan. Another fan commented, "It's okay Savannah you were fierce and did it twice. True showmanship #WorldofDance." One more said, "Savannah is a strong, incredible dancer!! A young beautiful dancer with so much energy, I love it @JLo #WorldofDance." 

'World of Dance' Season 4 will air every Tuesday at 10/9c only on ABC.

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