'World of Dance': Judges choose Oxygen over Styles and Emma in redemption round, fans say they were 'robbed'

Fans were unhappy with the decision and said that they both 'deserved to go through' while criticizing the show fo not having enough ballet dancers

                            'World of Dance': Judges choose Oxygen over Styles and Emma in redemption round, fans say they were 'robbed'
Emma and Styles (NBC)

When the judges picked Kurtis Sprung over Styles and Emma's performance during the duels round, fans were very unhappy. But they weren't ready to give up on their favorite dancers and hoped that the duo would get picked for the redemption round. Redemption round features the guest judge, Twitch, picking any two performers to duel once again to earn a spot in the semi-finals.

Thankfully, Twitch picked Styles and Emma for the redemption round performance and pitted the ballet dancers with Dutch dance troupe Oxygen. Although both the performers have a very unique dancing style and routine, Twitch certainly made a great choice by picking two of the best performers on the show to compete against each other.

Styles and Emma were determined to ace the redemption round and gave their best performance. The judges couldn't stop praising the duo for their flawless routine, and how elegant and surreal they looked while performing. The duo's performance was followed by Oxygen's performance. Oxygen made a major error in the duels round by stepping away from their precision dancing to a general dance routine. So, for redemption round they decided not to make the same mistake and went back to their precision dancing focusing on hand movements.

Oxygen too gave an impressive performance. The judges had a tough time picking a winner between the two incredible performances. After some deliberation, they decided to go ahead with Oxygen, and sent Styles and Emma home. Fans were once again unhappy and upset to watch Styles and Emma being sent away.

A fan tweeted, "Styles & Emma were just straight up robbed #WorldofDance." Another fan wrote, "I’m so done with #WorldofDance Emma and Styles got robbed AGAIN." "#WorldofDance Styles and Emma were screwed over twice. They killed it both times!" pointed out a fan. Another fan expressed, "I watched the last part of the Oxygen routine five times, because I was trying to see every move. I still couldn't. Emma and Styles were excellent. They both deserve to go through! @official_tWitch knew exactly who to choose. Very entertaining! #WorldofDance ."

Several fans criticized the show for not having enough ballet dancers on the show. A fan commented, "Styles and emma should’ve made it through the first time around anyway, I will not stand for this lack of ballet representation #WorldofDance." "Wow. #StylesAndEmma we’re STUNNING and deservedly should have won that redemption. But they didn’t have the flash so there was no shot.. come on @NBCWorldofDance. This is getting old! #WorldofDance," echoed another fan.

'World of Dance' Season 4 airs every Wednesday at 10/9c only on NBC. 

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