World's heaviest man undergoes second life-saving surgery as he is still at risk of dying despite losing 500 pounds

Juan Pedro Franco lost a staggering 496lbs after taking on a strict diet. However, his weight is still putting him at extreme risk of cardiac arrest, according to doctors

                            World's heaviest man undergoes second life-saving surgery as he is still at risk of dying despite losing 500 pounds

The world's heaviest man, who already shed a staggering 35 stone, has gone under the knife once again in a bid to save his life.

In December 2016, Juan Pedro Franco was officially named the heaviest man on Earth after he weighed in at a massive 1312lbs, or 93st 10lbs. The 33-year-old man from Guadalajara, Mexico, later underwent life-altering surgery in 2017 to remove 75 percent of his stomach, Mirror reports.


While Juan has been strictly maintaining a nutritious diet ever since and had lost a whopping 496 lbs, his weight is still posing an extreme risk of cardiac arrest — meaning he will be needing further surgery. "The most important thing for me is to walk again. I haven’t left the house for six years or even walked anywhere," Juan said.

Although Juan was always overweight in his childhood, a bus accident in his late teens left him bedridden and in a coma. "I broke half my body. I broke all of my right side ribs, leg, everything," he said.

Juan's weight-loss journey has been monitored over the last couple of years by a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Jose Castaneda Cruz, who also carried out both surgeries.

The second operation was life-threatening, with his stomach reduced even further to create a pouch smaller than an egg. The said pouch is designed to bypass his lower stomach and connect directly to his small intestines. "Death in these patients is likely if they don't get treated we have to risk it because it's a life opportunity for the patient," Dr. Castaneda said.


Juan, a keen baker, had left the house for the first time in six months when he was transported to the hospital. The bed he uses, which is specially strengthened to carry his weight, had to be dismantled and set up again for him in the hospital.

After the invasive surgery, Juan recovered well and is now on a strict diet and exercise regime to lose a further 440 lbs in the next 18 months. He lost 167 lbs within a span of six months and now weighs under 660lbs or 47 stone — almost half his original weight — which is a monumental achievement.

Also, his dream of being able to walk again has come true. "It's a really big achievement for me to get up, take two, three steps. But I’m very happy you can see I'm already starting to move," he said. Now, Juan looks forward to the day when he'll be recognized for achieving another world record, although he still needs to lose weight.

"If one day I gain the title 'the man who lost the most weight' then I will celebrate," he says.