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World Breastfeeding Week: Hilary Duff pumped breast milk while getting hair and makeup done in her trailer

'I know many women are not able to and for that I am sympathetic and very grateful that I could,' said Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff (Getty Images)
Hilary Duff (Getty Images)

Breastfeeding is considered an unequaled way of providing ideal nutrition to an infant for the first year of life. It is known to keep health complications in the mother and child at bay. Even though it is considered one of the best ways to raise a newborn, the conversation around breastfeeding continues to be one riddled with stigma. Thankfully, in recent times, celebrities, people in positions of power and influencers have taken it upon themselves to normalize the tone around breastfeeding by sharing photos and personal accounts of their experiences on social media. This has not only encouraged people around the globe to strengthen their voices but the shame and taboo around it has begun to fade. 

Hilary Duff, who welcomed her second baby, Banks Violet Bair, in 2018, shared a detailed account of breastfeeding and pumping breast milk. Like most mothers, she's glad she could give Banks that crucial start to life but with time, her interest in feeding faded, which resulted in a drop in milk supply. This was not a very reassuring feeling for Hilary who said it felt like she was a complete "failure." Breastfeeding can have that impact, especially when one goes from pumping milk at work for the first six months to needing a break from all of this. 

"Pumping at work sucks. I had zero down time and am usually pumping in a hair and make up trailer while four hands work to get me ready for the next scene with lots of other people around. Even if I had the luxury to be in my own room, it’s not even considered a “break” because you have to sit upright for the milk to flow into the bottles," she wrote in her Instagram post and added that what added to the situation was the aggressive machine that would tug at her nipples while making an annoying sound. 

On the surface, it sounds like she was "complaining," but the actress admitted to it being one of the most enjoyable moments of her life. "Felt so lucky to be so close to her and give her that start. I know many women are not able to and for that I am sympathetic and very grateful that I could. For six wonderful months," Hilary elaborated and encouraged mothers to continue to feel like rockstars because that is what they are.

As the world celebrates Breastfeeding Week from August 1 to 7, let's ensure that it is one of the pure moments that one can experience as a mother. And that is exactly why there needs to be an understanding the breastfeeding in public spaces or having a conversation about it at a coffee shop is perfectly normal. This campaign is to raise awareness about breastfeeding and how it can work wonders for the mother and the newborn.