'Work in Progress' Season 1 Episode 6 will see Abby break Chris' only rule, questioning him about birth name

'Work in Progress' Season 1 Episode 6 will see Abby break Chris' only rule, questioning him about birth name
Abby McEnany, Celeste Pechous and Theo Germaine in ‘Work in Progress’. (Source: Showtime)

Episode 5 of ‘Work in Progress’ Season 1 saw Abby’s (Abby McEnany’s) complicated relationship with her best friend Campbell (Celeste Pechous). While it seemed like Campbell had an issue with Abby’s boyfriend Chris (Theo Germaine) for most of the episode, it ultimately turned out that her love for Abby had just made her overprotective over the years.

The episode also saw Abby revealing her obsessive journaling (part of her OCD) to Chris. So what’s in store in episode 6? The title, ‘15, 14 (PT. 1)’, gives away some hint.

The numbers stand for the almonds Abby was down to -- she started counting backward from 180 at the beginning of season 1, planning to decide if she would kill herself at the end of 180 days should she feel life wasn't worth living anymore. At 15 and 14, that day is no longer far away.

But Abby, for the time being, seems happy, especially in Chris’ loving embrace. Per the official description of the episode on the Showtime website, “Edward and Carol Lynn wed, Danger Zone has their moment and Abby violates Chris’ one request.”


Let’s break this down. Edward is Abby’s father who decided to get married to a woman named Carol Lynn while still in Guatemala on a charity mission. Danger Zone is the band that Mike (Gerard Neugent), Abby’s brother-in-law, is part of.

And Chris’ one and only request to Abby -- a sort of non-compromisable ground rule -- was that Abby never refers to, or even asks about, his birth name, a name he shunned away when he was transitioning. 

Abby had promised to not break that rule ever. So what could have made her change her mind? Also, Chris, who is both confrontational and emotional, would obviously not like Abby breaking her promise. But would that lead to their relationship ending?

So, as one couple enters holy matrimony, would the other end things with each other? Find out when ‘Work In Progress’ Season 1 airs on Sunday at 11 p.m./10c, only on Showtime.


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