Seventeen's Woozi covers Bruno Mars's 'Versace on the Floor', fans say 'need a full version now'

The lyrics of Bruno Mars' 'Versace on the Floor address romance, intimacy and Gianni Versace's clothing line

                            Seventeen's Woozi covers Bruno Mars's 'Versace on the Floor', fans say 'need a full version now'
Woozi of Seventeen and Bruno Mars (Getty Images)

Woozi, a member of South Korean K-pop band Seventeen, took the Internet by storm after performing a piano-driven cover of Bruno Mars's song 'Versace on the Floor'. Thousands of excited fans of Seventeen flooded Twitter with praises for the singer. 

One fan, tagging Bruno Mars, tweeted, "Hello Bruno Mars, SEVENTEEN's WOOZI is a big fan of yours. He loves your music so much. He's a multi-talended man, genius composer, song-writer, singer, dancer and producer from South Korea. We're hoping that you'll notice and give him a shout out soon.," while another, along with the video, wrote, "You know sh**'s about to go down when woozi whips out this camera angle of his keyboard."

One more Seventeen fan, surprised by the cover, said, "I never thought I’d hear the words ‘let’s just kiss till we’re naked’ come out of Woozi’s lips but I’m not complaining," while another, demanding a full version, tweeted, "Currently Trending #9 in Unites States under Music... Woozi did Amazing with the cover of 'Versace on the Floor'... I need a full version now." 

Another fan, trying to get Bruno Mars's attention, said, "Hello Mr Bruno Mars if you have time please check out this amazing short cover of Versace on the floor by Woozi, on of the member of kpop boy group called Seventeen. He is a big fan of you! And also they’re amazing group who produce their own song," while another, expressing their love for the cover, wrote, "That power in his voice, those notes.. He touched them perfectly...Woozi singing 'Versace on the Floor' by Bruno Mars...I still have tears.. Damn.. It's sounds so good...I have this on repeat now."












'Versace on the Floor' is from Mars' third studio album, '24K Magic' released in 2016 via Atlantic Records. 'Versace on the Floor' was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence, Christopher Brody Brown and James Fauntleroy. Mars, Lawrence and Brown handled the track's production under the name Shampoo Press & Curl. A remix by French DJ David Guetta was released in June 2017 for digital download and streaming in various countries. 'Versace on the Floor' is an R&B song reminiscent of the slow jams from the 1990s and resembles the early works of Michael Jackson. The song's lyrics address romance, intimacy and Gianni Versace's clothing line.