'Wonder Woman 1984': How is Steve Trevor alive in the sequel? Here's the unpleasant truth

Steve Trevor returns in 'Wonder Woman 1984'. Here's how we get to see him in action again

                            'Wonder Woman 1984': How is Steve Trevor alive in the sequel? Here's the unpleasant truth

Spoilers for 'Wonder Woman 1984'

It has been a terribly long wait for those who had been anticipating the release of 'Wonder Woman:1984', but it's almost over. The film based on the DC superhero, directed by Patty Jenkins is swinging into theatres on December 25. Even the coronavirus pandemic couldn't keep Wonder Woman away for too long. The trailers and teasers had released last year, creating an enormous amount of buzz, because of the presence of Chris Pine's character, Steve Trevor. That's the magic about comic and films: Characters are not *quite* dead, even if they crash their plane. 

That's what happened to Steve in the first film. Here's a little refresher: The first film focussed on the development of a deadly gas by German scientist and while our heroine Diana (Gal Gadot) had to go to war with Ares (David Thewlis) for the fate of the human race, Steve stole a plane filled with bombs that contained the gas. In a white flame of sacrifice, Steve then flew the bomber out of danger's way, before detonating it (and killing himself) to remove the threat to humanity. Ares did his best to manipulate Diana’s grief over this sacrifice and to make her hate humanity,  but instead, it inspired her to do even more good for the world.

Aaaaa...nd Steve is back in the second film. Even though 70 years has passed, he hasn't aged a day. So how is he alive? Well, it's not a miraculous skincare routine. It just involves a lot of magic.

In the second film, everyone is after a magical rock called the Dream Stone, which grants your wishes, but at a terrible price. Diana holds the stone and remembers Steve's words 'I wish we had more time'. And she makes her wish. Steve DOES return...but not quite like what we would expect. He isn't himself. His mind and soul have been transported into someone else's body living in Washington DC. He has to convince her of who he is and then when she finally believes him, she sees Pine's Steve. However, as fate would have it, she is forced to renounce her wish due to the presence of a certain Maxwell Lord, who unleashes hell everywhere.

So, we have to bid goodbye to Steve. AGAIN. A small relief is that in the comics, they do get married....though the Crisis Of Infinite Earths rebooted their whole storyline and Steve became an older man who is not romantically connected to Diana. They were friends and he married someone else. However, again, after a couple of retcons, Steve was recreated as a younger man, who was in love with Diana. Unfortunately, his feelings were not reciprocated.

And you thought you had relationship problems. 

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