Women proudly flaunt pubic and underarm hair on the beach for razor brand's body hair positivity campaign

Razor company Billie launched a new campaign featuring female models posing and modeling their pubic and arm hair on the beach as a challenge to the 'summer ready' look

                            Women proudly flaunt pubic and underarm hair on the beach for razor brand's body hair positivity campaign

A razor company has proudly launched a new ad campaign which features female models posing and modeling their pubic and armpit hair with the aim to challenge the "summer ready" pressure placed on women to shave during hotter seasons. 

Billie, a female-focused razor brand, was in the spotlight last year after it launched its 'Project Body Hair' campaign and promoted the first shaving ad to feature women with body hair. The company has now taken its latest campaign, 'Red, White and You Do You' to another level with women modeling both armpit and pubic hair on the beach ahead of the Fourth of July. According to a report by Daily Mail, Billie Co-Founder Georgina Gooley said, "Red, White and You Do You continues to emphasize our stance that shaving is a choice, not an expectation."

"To celebrate our one-year anniversary of 'Project Body Hair', and the beginning of summer, we wanted to challenge the notion of being 'summer ready'," she continued. "A lot of women feel the pressure to remove their body hair when they're wearing a bathing suit, so we felt like it was the perfect time to get out there and say, "no matter what you choose, you're already summer ready."


The idea behind the new project follows the success the razor brand had for their earlier project, 'Project Body Hair'. The original video received around 20 million views and many people praised the brand for its empowering message which showed a woman's armpit hair. As opposed to other companies, Billie sells the product around the idea that body hair should openly be celebrated and free of any shame regardless of what areas women choose to shave. 

After their first video launched, other razor brands such as Gillette Venus and Joy were inspired to create similar campaigns. "Historically, women's razor brands have portrayed body hair as 'socially problematic' in an attempt to sell more razors — they instilled shame around having women's body hair. For the last 100 years, the idea of women's body hair was so taboo that we have been seeing commercials where razors shave completely hairless skin — the entire shaving category refused to show it," Gooley shared. 

The ad campaign is likely the first that shows women with pubic hair (mybillie.com)


Gooley also believed that not acknowledging or accepting body hair, sends a negative message to women and implies that they should be ashamed. "By showing and celebrating the fact that women have body hair, we're hoping to remove the shame around it," she added. "Nobody should have to explain or apologize. We shouldn't be defined by our grooming choices." Billie partnered with Ashley Armitage who had shot 'Project Body Hair' to help and shoot the new campaign. 

The point of the video which was released before the Fourth of July was to challenge the topic of body hair appearing on the beach as they had every woman in the campaign showing off their own proudly. According to Billie, this is likely the first campaign which features pubic hair in a commercial for women.

Watch the new video below:



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