Woman who wants to have the world's biggest bum says she can no longer run or sleep on her back

Natasha Crown, who is planning to have Brazilian butt lift surgery, says she is not the least bit worried about the risks in spite of her family being very concerned

                            Woman who wants to have the world's biggest bum says she can no longer run or sleep on her back

One woman has made it her life's mission to have the world's biggest buttocks and she has revealed that, to achieve her goal, she crams pizza and waffles into her body. She declared on a talk show recently: "It's my own choice".

Natasha Crown has said that she is not the least bit worried about the risks associated with Brazilian butt lifts in spite of her family being very concerned. Her bum currently sits at 83 inches but she is determined to achieve her goal of 90 inches. If Crown wants to get the controversial procedure done, she needs to gain weight at least two months before the surgeons perform the operation. This means that she needs to eat food that is high in calories like cheeseburgers and pasta. The procedure will then be performed where the fat that she has gained will be transferred to her bum to make it bigger.

Appearing on ITV's This Morning on September 5, she said: "I gain weight two months before surgery, I gain 20 to 25 kilos. I eat everything. Food that contains a lot of carbs like pizza, pasta, hamburgers and waffles. Before you do the surgery, they will test everything to see if they can do the operation. In some cases, they don’t do it if you have bad results of the tests but so far so good. My family are really concerned about me because they think I’m gonna die because I’m gaining so much and they think that’s not healthy. I feel healthy."


When the hosts of the show, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, asked her about the many risks that have been associated with the procedure, Crown said: "It's my own choice." The hosts then told her about 29-year-old beautician Leah Cambridge who died recently after going through the butt lift at a clinic in Turkey to which Crown replied: "Maybe she had bad luck, I think." 

Cambridge, who was from Leeds, is reported to have collapsed just after she underwent the £3,000 butt lift procedure at the Elite Aftercare Clinic in Izmir, Turkey. She is believed to have suffered multiple complications during the procedure and ended up dying on the operating table after the doctors were not able to save her. 31-year-old Scott Franks, her partner, said he has been left a "broken man" and he pleaded that others who have considered the procedure to read up about the risks.

Crown has said that her massive behind does indeed get in the way physically. She said that she cannot run because she currently weighs too much. Insisting that she regularly exercises, Crown said: "I can’t run because it’s so heavy. I can’t sleep on my back because it’s really round. People should know that I exercise every day so I’m not just eating. To maintain the muscles in the right place you have to exercise a lot."

The Brazilian butt lift procedure has become all the rage amongst women seeking the perfect hourglass figure. The procedure involves transferring fat from other parts of the body, like the stomach and back, to the bum. It is believed to be a much safer way of making your butt bigger because it uses "natural" fat from your own body and doesn't involve inserting an implant. Experts, however, have warned people of the serious risks involved if something happens to go wrong. The rise in the popularity of the procedure is due to women wanting their bums to look more like those of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Nicki Minaj.