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Hayley Keating: Woman allegedly stabs boyfriend to death for CHOKING her during 'rape-like sex'

Keating claimed that she was forced to have sex with him which felt like rape to her and went along with things he liked during intimacy
UPDATED JUL 13, 2022
Hayley Keating knifed her boyfriend Matthew Wormleighton to death (Facebook@HayleyKeating)
Hayley Keating knifed her boyfriend Matthew Wormleighton to death (Facebook@HayleyKeating)

SOMERSET, ENGLAND: Hayley Keating, a 31-year-old mother of two, was charged with the murder of her boyfriend Matthew Wormleighton, 45, who died due to a single stab wound to his chest following an argument. The incident took place in the early morning hours of May 14. However, she denied the murder of her boyfriend with a knife she took from a kitchen drawer. Keating allegedly knifed her boyfriend to death after he "choked her unconscious during rape-like sex" and told 999 "he's f**king dying" as he bled out. 

The woman who is a resident of Forts Orchard, Chilthorne Domer in Somerset told Bristol Crown Court that her deceased partner liked to strangle her until she was unconscious during "rough sex" sessions. The court heard a recording of the call handler trying to keep Keating calm. According to Somersetlive, she was advised to apply pressure to the wound in Matthew's chest. "I have stabbed the c*** and now he's dying," she said. "I just thrown a knife at him because I was angry and now he's f**king dying. Please get here now." 


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Wormleighton was unable to breathe when medics arrived at the scene and he later died due to cardiac arrest. Keating claimed on Monday, July 11, that she was forced to have sex with him which felt like rape to her and she went along with things he liked during intimacy. Recalling their sex life, she told how she once woke to find he was being intimate with her, telling Matthew "it felt like rape".


"Sometimes he would choke me out, I would pass out," she said. "Sometimes he would do it with his hands. Sometimes he would do it with a belt, quickly around my head in a loop. I would be on all four's and he was behind me. I would pass out and it was scary coming back 'round. I didn't really say anything, I just told him to be careful. I was OK with it, he liked it, he liked doing it. Being totally out didn't do anything for me. I was happy to do things for him." 


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The knife which took the life of her boyfriend lodged four inches in his chest during an incident fueled by drink and drugs, Bristol Crown Court was told. Wormleighton had previously had two significant relationships and neither woman said he was violent or controlling but “caring, generous and a lovable villain”. It is also alleged that he told friends that Keating was an “asshole, but the sex is really good.” Keating, on the other hand, Keating was described as “funny, entertaining and nice” but “over the top” in her behavior and both used alcohol and cocaine and suffered from depression. The case is still ongoing.