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CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Woman watches boyfriend cheating LIVE on cruise ship's CCTV

A video posted on TikTok last weekend showed Kayla Gardner's boyfriend getting close with another woman
Kayla Gardner (R) caught her boyfriend with another woman (TikTok/ @kayla.nicole.g)
Kayla Gardner (R) caught her boyfriend with another woman (TikTok/ @kayla.nicole.g)

TikToker Kayla Gardner, who has more than 498K followers on the app, claimed to have caught her boyfriend cheating by watching cruise ship camera footage. Recounting the drama on TikTok, she said it was “the most gut-wrenching moment” of her life. The alleged proof of cheating, posted last weekend, showed her boyfriend getting close with another woman and putting his arm around her via the cruise’s CCTV.

In the first of her four videos, Gardner described how her partner told her that he was going to “get some food” as an excuse to leave the cabin, according to New York Post. The second video, titled 'My friend caught him cheating real-time thanks to the ship’s live cameras,' captures Gardner's reaction to her boyfriend “cheating.” She asks, “Who is she?” seeing the other woman. For a while, Gardner and her friend try to identify if it's actually Gardner’s boyfriend before another camera clearly shows that it is him. The video can be seen here.


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(TikTok/ @kayla.nicole.g)

'Hope you threw him offboard'

In the third video, the boyfriend can be seen pulling the woman as her head rests on his shoulder. Following this, Gardner screams and runs towards the cabin door to go and find him. She can be heard saying, “I’ll be right back." But she stops when her friend says, “He’s giving her his number”. Gardner then starts yelling into a walkie-talkie, saying there’s a “911” emergency. She says, “We have a 911 on the upper Lido deck. 911 everybody goes to the upper Lido deck right now!” The video was followed by a comment from a follower, “What happened with the cheater at the cruise? Hope you threw him offboard.” Gardner replied, "Use your power of deductive reasoning to piece together what happened … not tryna (sic) incriminate myself but.”

What happened later?

The saga received thousands of comments and over 25.5 million views. An individual wrote, "Oh girl … I don’t know whether or not to congratulate you both on being a genius or apologize." Another commented, "I’m so stressed right now and it’s not even my boyfriend." Many wondered about their relationship status, with one asking, "OK, but what happened when you confronted him? What words were exchanged? How did you deal with rooms thereafter? I need to know!!!!"

While she did not post any video of the confrontation, Gardner did share two final installments revealing how she dealt with the break-up and her relationship status.


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