Woman calls mother filthy for not wearing panty liners every day, sparks fierce debate

The panty liner debate has made one thing clear: some women need to wear them every day while others don't

                            Woman calls mother filthy for not wearing panty liners every day, sparks fierce debate

A mother has started a fierce debate online after one of her friends slammed her for being a "manky", which is an informal British way of saying dirty or unpleasant, because she does not wear panty liners every day.

The incident has divided women who stood on either side of the argument with one of the users saying that the friend must be "scared of her vagina" for wearing panty liners on a daily basis. 

The mother wrote on Mumsnet: "Was having a conversation with a friend yesterday who wears panty liners every day and has done since she was 15. I’d never heard of this before and told her so. She told me I was a manky, minge and that everybody wore them. Is this true? Thoughts please."


Some of the women who responded to the thread seemed appalled that there were women out there who wore panty liners every day.

One of the women who responded wrote: "Waste of money, bad for the environment. Why would you?" Another added: "God, I can’t imagine being so scared of my vagina I’d need to wear panty liners every day." A third wrote: "No — just wash my underwear after I've worn it, like a normal person."

Some other women on the site, however, have sided with the friend and said that wearing the liners on a daily basis is completely normal. One woman wrote: "I always do I must admit. I don't feel properly dressed otherwise!"

Yet another woman commented: "I wear them but don't expect everyone else to do the same. I don't feel fresh without them." One woman said that it depended on the time of the month and wrote: "I only wear them if I'm right at the end of my period and it doesn't warrant using a tampon."

One of the women then said that the forum members should be more respectful of other people's and said: "Some women need them every day. Others don't. Some women don't realize other women don't have the same experience as them."

According to Always, a feminine hygiene company, panty liners are "a little secret weapon for feeling fresh and confident every day". The Always website has also clarified that the product can be worn daily. It says: "While great for day-to-day use, panty liners can also be used during your period."