Woman gifts boyfriend t-shirt with her face on it warning other girls to "stay away" from him

Woman gifts boyfriend t-shirt with her face on it warning other girls to "stay away" from him

A Manchester woman took the occasion of her boyfriend's birthday to warn other girls to "stay away" from her man. Holly Cockerill gave her boyfriend Karl Hennan a rather unconventional surprise for his birthday when she gifted him a t-shirt with her face on it, and a warning to other girls to keep their hands off him, Daily Mail reports.

Karl was seen wearing his birthday gift in a hilarious snap posted on Twitter which featured Holly standing behind, grinning mischievously. The pair has been dating for over seven years.



The original tweet constituted two pictures, one of Karl rolling his eyes as Holly stood behind grinning, and the other being a close up of the shirt, with a photo of Holly on it and a message which read, "If your reading this you've been looking at my man for too long. And this is how Id' be looking at you if I was here. Hi, I'm Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!"

"Don't think Karl likes his new top I got him for his birthday x wear it with pride hun x", she captioned the image.

While the post garnered almost 12,000 likes, some Twitter users were markedly offended by the joke and went on to label it "toxic" and called Holly insecure for her actions.


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However, some users did not seem to grasp the humor behind the post. One critic commented, "How insecure... do you have to be," while another said, "How toxic, OMG."


A third user edited the photo and gave Holly devil eyes and ears, adding a fire around the snap.

That said, most users found it hilarious. "Twitter is the best for giving us these ideas," one wrote, retweeting the original post.

Holly later responded to the negative comments, saying: "People going mad at the fact I got my boyfriend a top with my face on for a joke. If you think for one second I’m going make him wear it then your absolutely f****n right. Joke - it will be in bin after."

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 Woman surprises boyfriend hilarious birthday t-shirt face warning stay away form him