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Woman who underwent gender reassignment surgery sues psychiatrist who put her on path with hormone therapy after just ONE session

'Knowing that I can't have children is absolutely devastating,' Jay Langadinos said
UPDATED AUG 24, 2022
Jay Langadinos underwent numerous surgeries to change herself biologically (Getty Images/ Rubberball/Nicole Hill)
Jay Langadinos underwent numerous surgeries to change herself biologically (Getty Images/ Rubberball/Nicole Hill)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A woman who is suing her psychiatrist for professional negligence has alleged that the doctor did not take the required time before giving her permission to undergo hormone therapy. Jay Langadinos was just 19 when she first met psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey in May 2010 after finding herself “somehow defective”. She claimed that she was approved for gender transition without much consideration and examination, which eventually led to “complications from early menopause, anxiety and depression, to impaired psychological functioning.”

As per a statement of claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court, Langadinos was asked to see Dr Toohey by her endocrinologist. Professor Ann Conway had stated in the recommendation letter that it “seemed likely” Langadinos had “true gender dysphoria”, but she was “very young” and clearly required “thorough psychiatric work-up before embarking on hormone treatment”. Toohey agreed with Conway’s examination and confirmed the then-teenager had gender dysphoria before allowing her for the process.


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However, Langadinos did not stop there and in 2012 met with the doctor again and spoke about her wish to have her breasts removed. Toohey apparently saw “no contraindication” after “considering the situation overall and the parents’ support” and gave the nod for a bilateral mastectomy, which happened later that year. The now-31-year-old woman saw Toohey for a third time and told him about her desire to get rid of her womb, which the doctor allowed as he did not find “any psychiatric contraindication to proceeding with hysterectomy as part of gender transition.”

But now, Langadinos has alleged that the doctor should have been a little more patient with her. She reportedly realized her mistake in 2016 after meeting Dr Roberto D’Angelo for psychiatric treatment. The court claim states that Langadinos “came to the realization that she should not have undergone the hormone therapy or the first and second surgeries”.

She accused Toohey of failing “to take precautions” and ignoring dangers “in the nature of loss of her breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries”. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that her complaint says Toohey “knew or ought to have known” that Langadinos should go for a second opinion before getting hormonal treatment and the surgeries.

The report noted, “She alleges that he was negligent in not recommending she get an opinion from a second psychiatrist for her hysterectomy. She had hoped transitioning would bring her greater happiness and self-assurance. Instead, each surgery plunged her further into depression.”

Langadinos said, “Knowing that I can’t have children is absolutely devastating,” before blaming the psychiatrist for her issues. She added that she “has suffered and continues to suffer from injuries and disabilities” because of his carelessness. Meanwhile, Dr Toohey has declined to comment because the suit is before the courts. But Solicitor Anna Kerr, who referred Langadinos’ case to legal firm Slater and Gordon, said the lawsuit is “likely to be the tip of the iceberg”. “We can expect to see extensive litigation in future years related to gender-affirming cross-sex hormones and surgeries,” Kerr asserted.