54-year-old woman stuck in a bathtub for five days without food or light, rescued due to alert postal worker

Allison Gibson, a 54-year-old from Chesaning walked into her own bathroom for a soak on October 15 and couldn't get back up.

                            54-year-old woman stuck in a bathtub for five days without food or light, rescued due to alert postal worker

Being diligent at work can save a life, sometimes.

In a shocking incident in Chesaning, a 54-year-old woman has been rescued after being trapped in her own bathtub for two days short of a week. Alison Gibson found herself stuck in her bathroom for five says in her home in Michigan on October 15 after she sat down but couldn't get back up. The handrails were out of reach and she realized that she had left her phone in the other room. The terrifying incident has left Gibson shaken. WJRT-TV reported that when she was stuck, she could hear her phone getting calls, perhaps her friends and family wondering where she was. However, she couldn't answer the calls and could only wait for help to arrive. Fortunately, a diligent postal worker spotted that Gibson's mailbox was overflowing and alerted the neighbors. When they investigated they heard her crying for help and called 911. 

"When I get down there, I couldn't get back out,' Gibson told the news station. "Because (the handrail) was behind me, I couldn't get myself turned around to get a hold of it, that I usually use to get out. I basically just sat there," she said. "When I got cold, I ran the hot water. When I get thirsty, I took a drink out of the cold water. That's about it, try to find a way to get out." Gibson lives alone and hence the situation seemed even more hopeless for her after she got stuck. While she did have water to drink, she went without food. 

Finally, after days of turmoil, she was rescued on October 19 by Chesaning Police Chief Stacey Wilburn and another officer. They got inside Gibson's house through the window and rescued the woman.  

"Someone was outside my window, yelling, so I yelled back," Gibson said. She was found in a relatively good physical state said Wilburn, the Police Chief. "The walls had bubbled because of the moisture in there. The back of the door was full of mold. The ceiling was dripping because of all of the moisture, but that was the only way she was able to stay warm," she told the station. Gibson spent the five days without lights. "Scary, because, I mean, we turned the light on, which means her light was off at night," Wilburn said. Post-rescue, Gibson was at the hospital for four days and was discharged after the doctors found no major health problems. 

It's been more than a week since the incident and Gibson said that she is grateful to the worker and his eye for detail. She also said that she plans to get a walk in bathtub. "I don't want to do it again, that's for sure," she said. The name of the postal worker has not yet been revealed.