Enraged mother smashes glass over server's head after she 'disrespects' disabled son at restaurant

Violence erupted at Red Lobster restaurant when an angry woman smashed a glass cup on a waitress' head, who allegedly disrespected her disabled son.

                            Enraged mother smashes glass over server's head after she 'disrespects' disabled son at restaurant

A video capturing a violent brawl inside the Red Lobster outlet has emerged which shows the moment a woman smashes a glass against a restaurant server's head after claiming that the latter disrespected her disabled son.

On Saturday, the footage was captured and uploaded online. The video, which has 70,000 views at the last count, has since gone viral. In the video, a female waitress is seen confronting a black mum, who can be heard saying, "You want to throw s*** at me you b****?"

The mother is then seen trying to protect herself from the enraged waitress, who is yelling "Come on, come on."

Moments later, to everyone's shock, the woman is seen smashing a glass cup against the server's head as soon as she grabs hold of her arms. The sound of the clatter stuns the other patrons in the restaurant, with those who witnessed the vicious attack shouting in shock.

In the background, someone can be heard yelling, "What the hell!?"

Just as the waitress is about to attack her offender in response, another waitress breaks them up, and the server calmly walks towards the kitchen, even after suffering a blow to the head. The angry mother is seen once again in the footage, this time saying, "Disrespecting my disabled child!"

The server then defends herself saying "No I didn't," but the mother doesn't stop and takes the liberty of charging at her once again, shouting "Yes you did. Yes, you did!"

As we approach the end of the footage, the embarrassed mother is seen walking out of the restaurant and calling her son along, saying: "Come on, Aaron."

The waitress passes a curt comment as the mother walks out with her disabled son, saying, "Yep, that's right."

As of the moment, the exact location of the argument is unclear. However, the seafood restaurant chain is yet to respond to a request for comment.

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