Indiana boy found drenched in sweat inside hot car in Department of Child Services parking lot, mother arrested

Indiana boy found drenched in sweat inside hot car in Department of Child Services parking lot, mother arrested

A woman who left her young child in a hot car during a Department of Child Services (DCS) interview was arrested on charges of neglect at Community Hospital in Anderson, Indiana.

According to court documents, 27-year-old Jennifer K Ost, of Milroy, was at Community Pediatrics for a DCS appointment on Tuesday, July 16.

She had given birth to a baby boy on Friday, July 12 at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital, but got him discharged against her doctor's advice, Fox News reports.

27-year-old Jennifer K. Ost, of Milroy, was at the Community Hospital in Anderson, Indiana for a DCS appointment on Tuesday, July 16. (Wikimapia)

Ost was scheduled to meet with a DCS employee, a Community Pediatrics social worker and a hospital police officer at 2.30 pm Tuesday.


She arrived with the newborn at 2.40 pm, police said, before she was examined by a physician.

Court documents state that Ost was “evasive,” “belligerent” and “cursing” at the DCS employee during the interview following the examination.

The hospital received a phone call around 4.30 pm reporting there was an unattended child inside a car in the parking lot.

When hospital authorities arrived at the scene, they found a male child watching a movie on a cell phone.

According to police, all of the vehicle's windows were closed and the child was drenched with sweat as temperatures soared to 86 degrees outside.

The responding officer found the car's doors were unlocked and so he brought the boy inside the hospital.

Police determined the child belonged to Ost after running the vehicle's license plate.

Ost was subsequently questioned why she left him outside, to which she responded saying he did not want him to come into the appointment with her and so decided to leave him behind in the car.


Police immediately notified Madison County DCS, who responded to Community Hospital.

Authorities then proceeded to arrest Ost on charges of neglect of a dependent before both children were taken into DCS care.

According to Kids And Cars, a nonprofit dedicated to child safety, at least fifty two children died in the US last year after being left unattended in a hot vehicle.

That said, at least 38 children die of vehicle heatstroke each year on average, with more than half of them being infants aged one and below.


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