Florida woman batters 3-year-old to death with tire iron after he refused to get off sink while brushing teeth

Te’Lea Jefferson, 23, in a relationship with one of the child's parents, allegedly killed the child in front of his six-year-old brother

                            Florida woman batters 3-year-old to death with tire iron after he refused to get off sink while brushing teeth
(Leon County Detention Facility)

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: A woman has been taken into custody for allegedly murdering a child after he ignored her order to climb down from a sink while brushing his teeth. Te’Lea Jefferson allegedly killed the three-year-old boy using a tire iron while his six-year-old brother watched at a home in Tallahassee, Florida. The 23-year-old accused eventually admitted to investigators to the abuse she inflicted on the young boyer and how she battered him to death. The Sun reported that Jefferson told authorities that as she hit the victim with the tire iron, she saw blood coming out of him. After cold-heartedly hitting him, she reportedly took the unresponsive boy to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, October 20, with head trauma, severe cuts, bruises on his arms and legs, and a body temperature of 88 degrees. The child also had older injury signs on his shoulder and torso. But minutes after his arrival, medics declared him dead and called police.

When authorities investigated Jefferson, she initially said to them that the boy fell from the sink on which he was standing while brushing his teeth. She also stated that as he lost his balance, he struck his head on the toilet, causing the porcelain to smash. But investigators said the suspect’s version did not match with the injuries on the boy; also the timelines given by her were not consistent. Jefferson later admitted to the crime claiming the child’s act left her furious. “His refusal to climb down when told angered her. Jefferson said that she walked into the bedroom and retrieved the tire iron from a tool kit. She advised that she returned to the bathroom and threw the tire iron at (him), striking him upon the side of the face,” the arrest report stated. Not just that, when the child tried to escape, Jefferson allegedly struck him several times. Also while taking him for the medical help, the woman "suspected that he was no longer alive.” Jefferson admitted to having abused the boy’s elder brother too during “prior incidents.”

Regarding the relationship with the minor boys, Jefferson said she was involved with one of the children’s parents and as her partner goes to work five days a week, she takes care of the kids. The suspect has now been held without bond in the Leon County Detention Facility as she faces murder and aggravated battery charges. The Crime Online reported that the custody of the other boy has been by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

In another incident, a woman allegedly killed her own son after the victim found him boozing with her toyboy lover. Lucivania Lopes from Brazil allegedly killed 21-year-old Jose Carlos da Silva Junior by plunging a blade into his chest after he allegedly attacked her toyboy. The incident reportedly happened last Friday, October 16, when the 37-year-old accused was drinking with her 22-year-old lover at her house in the municipality of Mutunopolis, in the Brazilian state of Goias, when Jose saw them together.

Police chief Andre Medeiros said: “The woman and her partner spent the day drinking. According to her, her son arrived, there was a scuffle and he tried to attack her partner. She got between them, and said that she was also attacked. She said that as a result, she grabbed a knife to defend herself, and accidentally struck him in the chest."

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