Big-hearted woman helps man short on cash to pay for his food, but has no clue who he really is

Despite a confirmation by the star, Reed did not believe him and asked his bodyguard to confirm if she was indeed talking to the popular musician.

                            Big-hearted woman helps man short on cash to pay for his food, but has no clue who he really is
Keith Urban (Source:Getty Images)

A New Jersey woman helped out a man last Friday who was short on cash and paid his food bill at a gas station. Sounds like such a kind act, no? Wait until you hear what happened next!

The woman, identified as Ruth Reed, got the shock of her life when she realized that the man she had just helped is a star worth an estimated $75 million, according to reports.

Little did she know that the man was, in fact, the popular country music star — Keith Urban, who she said she met at a Medford Wawa before his concert on Friday night in Camden, New Jersey.

Reed, who is a substitute teacher, said that she had made a resolution to help the customers at Wawa at least once a week and it was at the eatery that she found out the man in front of her was short on a few dollars and she decided to pitch in, the Daily Mail reported.

The woman said that the star thanked her and introduced himself, saying his name was Keith. When the woman told him that he looked very similar to Keith Urban, he then revealed that he was, in fact, the music star.

Reed then asked him where his wife Nicole Kidman was as the New Zealander was with some other woman. Then the star introduced the woman with her as his sister, reports state.

Despite Keith confirming his identity, Reed did not believe him, so she asked his bodyguard to re-confirm whether it was really him.

Reed got reassured after bodyguard confirmed Keith's identity.

"It was then I realized what an idiot I was," the grandmother said, according to reports.

Urban, who has lived most of his life in Australia, is reportedly touring the United States as part of his Graffiti U tour. 

Urban then reportedly offered to take a picture with the teacher in the parking lot, and Reed later posted the picture on Facebook. She recounted her meeting with the celebrity, and captioned it as "another Ruth Reed moment."