Woman held for theft escapes police station to meet man who pays her $80 for oral sex before being arrested again

30-year-old Amber Gonzales was arrested twice on September 14, first for stealing a cell phone from a hotel cleaning cart and later for prostitution at the same hotel

                            Woman held for theft escapes police station to meet man who pays her $80 for oral sex before being arrested again

A woman who was handcuffed inside a holding cell of a police station was caught on camera slipping out of the cuffs and escaping the premises. However, just a few hours later, she was arrested by police officials once again when she returned to the same hotel she had been arrested from.

The woman, identified as 30-year-old Amber Gonzales, was arrested on September 14 when she allegedly stole a cell phone from a hotel cleaning cart at the Baymont Inn in Waukesha. Officials reportedly transported her to the Waukesha police station where she was being held in a cell.

Gonzales was reportedly told by the authorities that she was required to post bail for an outstanding warrant from an earlier citation regarding drug paraphernelia she had received a month ago, according to the Daily Mail. The officials told her that, if she could not procure the outstanding sum, she would be taken to Waukesha County Jail.


The officers then left Gonzales handcuffed to a wall in the holding cell and that was when she made her attempt to flee. In the surveillance footage from the cell, Gonzales can be seen trying to get the handcuff off her right hand and repeatedly tugging at it. 

While trying to get free from the cuff, she can also be seen checking her phone which is kept on a table in the holding cell. After a bit of a struggle, she finally manages to slip the cuff off and runs to the holding room door which, to her shock, appears to be locked.

Amber Gonzales (Waukesha Police Department)
Amber Gonzales (Waukesha Police Department)

Reports state that Gonzales tried to pull on different doors to see if they were open and eventualy found a set of keys hanging on a handle. She used the keys to open the door and fled from the police station at 4:40pm, according to reports.

According to polcie officials, Gonzales ran through multiple backyards to avoid police detection and then arrived at the Tobacco Outlet Plus Groceries convenience store where she met with a man who took her to the Baymont Inn, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The employees at the hotel contacted the police after spotting her and authorities arrived at the hotel at 5:55pm.

The officials then forced opened the hotel room and confronted the two. The man from the convenience store initially claimed that he had met Gonzales two weeks earlier and was "communicating" with her casually. However, he eventually admitted that he had paid her $80 to perform oral sex.

Amber Gonzales can be seen in the image. (Waukesha Police Department)
Amber Gonzales can be seen in the image. (Waukesha Police Department)

Police officials arrested her again, this time for prostitution. They took her straight to the Waukesha County Jail. Reports state that Gonzales is now facing a felony charge of escape from police custody as well as prostitution, theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The authorities have launched an internal review to find out how Gonzales managed to escape.

Captain Dan Baumann said: "Accountability is one of the four priorities we have at the police department along with safety, communication, and teamwork. We are conducting an internal review of the incident to identify what errors were made and mitigate those moving forward."

Gonzales had reportedly been released from custody on a $500 signature bond and a $750 cash bond. However, if convicted, she can face up to six years in prison and an additional $10,000 fine for the felony charge.