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NY woman learns her gynecologist is her DAD, sues him for fraudulent sperm donation

A DNA test taken by the woman in 2016 disclosed that she had six half-siblings and she is half Ashkenazi Jewish, just like the doctor
Representational Image (Getty Images/ Oscar Wong)
Representational Image (Getty Images/ Oscar Wong)

GENESEO, NEW YORK: A Geneseo woman has filed a lawsuit against her gynecologist, who is also her biological father, after finding that he had fraudulently used his sperm to impregnate her mother years ago. Since the age of eight, Morgan Hellquist knew she came to this earth via artificial insemination but recently got to know Morris Wortman was his biological dad, who swapped his own sperm for a donor's in 1985 when Hellquist’s mother was under his care. The suit also targets the Genesee Valley Group Health Association and the Center for Menstrual Disorders.

According to reports, since 2012 Hellquist has been treated by Wortman after she faced issues with her menstruation. She also had regular vaginal and breast examinations including the fitting of two IUD contraceptives by the doctor. But she grew suspicious when Wortman began making shocking comments while doing an intimate ultrasound exam of her in April. He apparently asked her to remove her face mask as she “looked better without” it. The 70-year-old also allegedly called his wife Rebecca into the examination room to see how alike they look. He then allegedly added: “You’re really a good kid, such a good kid.”


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The papers filed against Wortman stated that she was “in shock and disbelief that he would continue [to] treat her as her gynecologist if she were his biological daughter”. Hellquist’s parents Jo Ann Levey and Gary Levey reportedly took the help of the gynecologist after Gary suffered an accident. The couple was reportedly told that a medical student at the University of Rochester, in upstate New York, will donate his sperm. However, when Hellquist tried to find out about the donor, to her shock she discovered that the doctor had no records from his practice at the time.

Also, a DNA test taken by the woman in 2016 disclosed that she had six half-siblings and she is half Ashkenazi Jewish, just like Wortman. Her doubt increased further when she discovered that five of her half-siblings had contacted the doctor’s daughter from a previous marriage and a test declared that there was a 99.99 percent chance that she was the half-sibling to those five.

Meanwhile, another man has also accused Wortman of being his biological father. Carl Lore II earlier believed his biological father was the man after whom he was named. But in 2018, when he took an ancestry test, he discovered, “I found out that the person who was my father, the person I’m named after (was not my father).”

For Carl, trauma was double. First, until the age of 35, he had not any idea that he was conceived via artificial insemination, second, he got to know that his parents were also allegedly deceived by their doctor. He said, “When I found this out, she [his mother] initially denied it. (I was) like, ‘Mom, I have a DNA test.’ (And she said), ‘That’s got to be wrong, you should call customer service and tell them it’s wrong.’ I didn’t get a nurturing, ‘Sorry, here’s the truth.’ I got more questions. It shouldn’t be like that. Kids should know the truth.”

“Finding this kind of thing out at 35 that your father isn’t your father—it doesn’t make anyone more stable,” he added.