Woman freezes to death 'alone and in pain' in a cemetery after falling off her bike

The woman had asked a passerby to notify somebody for help but the person informed the police a bit too late and even the officers were unable to locate her in the cemetery.

                            Woman freezes to death 'alone and in pain' in a cemetery after falling off her bike

A 53-year-old woman fell off her bike and froze to death in a cemetery as police officials searched for her just a few meters away from where she was lying injured, according to reports. The woman, identified as Jacqueline Parsons, was discovered by a dog walker at 9:30 am on Saturday in a cemetery in Hull. Reports state that Parsons had called for help after falling, however, police officials failed to locate her.

Reports state that she found shelter under a nearby tree by using her bike to support her, however, she could not survive the cold temperature at night. A post-mortem of her body confirmed that she died of hypothermia, according to Hull Daily Mail.




Parson's 70-year-old brother Rob from Warwickshire, while talking to the news outlet, said: "It is bad enough to find out that I had lost a sister. After hearing that you just hope that there was no pain. Then we found out that that not only was she in pain, but she was alone too. She was a very nice girl and she should have been on holiday now. She was due to go away last Wednesday with her sister and her family but instead, she was on a slab in the mortuary."

Rob later found out that a passer-by had spotted his sister in the cemetery: "She was complaining about her leg and whether she broke it or not I don't know.  But she was in a lot of pain and she was shouting for help. The passer-by asked her if she wanted him to call an ambulance and she said 'No. I want help'. He left her there and went home and the way I've heard it is that it was an hour and a half before he called the police."




"The police went there, found nothing and then went away so this was a complete shock to us," the brother said. Humberside Police later confirmed that they had received a call about a woman being in distress in Western Cemetery at around 4:50 pm. The department reportedly dispatched two officers to search the area, however, they left after being unable to locate Parsons.

Reports state that the particular police force will now be investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). The probe will reportedly determine how exactly the officials responded to the initial call made about Parsons.