Woman dumps seven puppies in trash can at Coachella, the internet wants her punished for 'despicable' act

Woman dumps seven puppies in trash can at Coachella, the internet wants her punished for 'despicable' act
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The law is looking for a woman in California who was caught on camera tossing a bag full of puppies in a dumpster on Thursday. The Riverside County Animal Services revealed that the incident took place around 1 pm in Coachella, where a woman was seen getting out of a black jeep with a plastic bag full of puppies and dumping them in a trash bin.

"There is no excuse for dumping puppies,” Riverside County Animal Services commander Chris Mayer said in a statement. “Especially in today’s age when we or other shelters would be willing to get these animals to foster parents or rescue partners. This was a shameful act."

The puppies were discovered about an hour after they were dumped. Officials revealed that a passerby named John was looking through the trash when he discovered the bag full of puppies. 

There were seven puppies that were found in the bag and all of them were just three days old and were believed to be terrier mixes.

The officials added that the puppies were lucky that they were found soon as the chances of them surviving were less since temperatures in Coachella on Thursday were into the mid-90's.

“The Good Samaritan played a major role in saving these puppies’ lives,” Mayer said. “His actions were humane and heroic.”

Animal services spokesman John Welsh revealed that no arrests have been made but the police are on the lookout for the woman. Mayer described the woman’s actions as “despicable" and stated that he and other officers working at the  Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s office would make an arrest as soon as the woman is identified. 


This is the second case that has been reported recently in which puppies were dumped to die.  In March, animal services reported that two puppies were dumped in a trash bin at Desert Recycling in Thousand Palms. The puppies were in poor condition as they were dehydrated and malnourished. They were immediately taken to Coachella Valley Animal Campus and were cared for by the vets. “

People on social media expressed their anger at the woman, and called for severe action against her.


"I would like to ask the woman with the Jeep... Would it not have been much easier to have the mother of the puppies spayed? I would hope the laws would find this woman, and make her pay all the expenses for the care of these puppies until they are adopted. Some people just don't get it and have no common sense," one user wrote.

Others commented on how the laws must be changed to punish the woman for her action.

"The heartless nature of this act is despicable. The sad thing is, once this woman’s arrested she’ll probably get a slap on the wrist. Our laws need to change and not consider our pets property," one user wrote while another added, "Unfortunately the penalties for this are very light. She will probably just get a slap on the wrist, as in a fine. The mother dog needs to be found as she is in danger of developing mastitis. And if they do find her (the woman) the mother dog needs to be taken from her. She should not be allowed to own an animal again--but they probably will not go that far with charges."


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