Sick woman puts terrified dog in washing machine so she can ENTERTAIN her social media followers

The dog, a West Highland Terrier, looks traumatized from being locked inside the machine and can be seen desperately searching for a way out

                            Sick woman puts terrified dog in washing machine so she can ENTERTAIN her social media followers
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Animal lovers, what you are about to read could be highly distressing. 

An Instagram user has been slammed for putting her dog in a washing machine and uploading a video of the poor animal locked inside, seemingly in a bid to gain more followers on the popular photo and video sharing app.

The disturbing video was posted to the site by an Argentinian woman who goes by the name of Tamara Rotman. In the short video, Rotman's dog Coco can be seen stuck inside the washing machine with his face pushed up against the door almost in a plea to be let out.

The dog, a West Highland Terrier, looks like he is traumatized from being stuck inside the machine and can clearly be seen desperately searching for a way to get out. The distress is clearly seen on his face as he tries to find his footing with the drum inside spinning.

Rotman had posted a question along with the video: "Are you going to be really traumatized?" Many commentators immediately slammed the woman for her "stupidity" with some users calling for her to be punished for mistreating the animal. The woman has more than 3,000 followers on the site and she deleted her account soon after she received many negative comments on the upload she had made.

A little later, however, she reopened the account with a video of Coco looking happy and playing on a green lawn. She claimed, in the caption, that she had been "misinterpreted" and that Coco was only inside the washing machine for a few seconds at most. She also stressed that the machine had never been turned on when her dog was inside it.

She wrote: "We are in a society where nothing is measured, nor what we say, nor what we do, nor how we act. If we continue like this, we will end up destroying everything. I thought that disabling Instagram or blocking people would be better, but given that aggressive threats do not stop from reaching me for both death and rape, it is best to talk and clarify the situation."

"I have a little dog called Coco, I love him with my life and the people who know me know it very well. I give life and much more for him. Yesterday, I posted a story about him in the washing machine that MANY people misinterpreted; it's okay, you do not know me, it can happen. I understand that maybe some people thought it was a strong video but those were not the intentions. Neither I nor Coco felt that aggression of which so much is spoken. The dog was not more than 10 seconds in there, clarifying that the washing machine was OFF."

Rotman also added that the person who had shamed her publically for the video has made her life a lot worse by flagging it. She says that she did not know the consequences, for what she thought would be a fun video, would be this severe.

The woman apologized to people who felt disturbed by the video and added that every person has their opinion and that no legal action can be taken against her for the act.