VIDEO: Incredible moment woman delivers her own baby with bare hands inside a moving car

In the video, Alexis Swinney can be seen kneeling on the passenger seat of the car screaming as she delivers the baby herself in the car.

                            VIDEO: Incredible moment woman delivers her own baby with bare hands inside a moving car

In a video clip that has now gone viral on social media, a woman is seen delivering her own baby inside a moving car in front of her other four children! The woman, named Alexis Swinney delivered the baby, her fifth child, with her bare hands as she screamed in pain and all this was recorded by her husband, who was at the wheel.

The best part: the kids' astonishment at the end of the video.



25-year-old Alexis Swinney and her husband Dominique were on their way to the hospital (as heard in the video) with the rest of their brood sitting in the back seat. On her way, Alexis' water broke, and she kneeled on the passenger seat of the car.

She is seen crouching on the seat writhing in pain and begging her husband for help. Dominique asks her, "Can you wait, like, two minutes?"



"What do I do?" she screams, as Dominique urges her to hold on. 

"I don't know if she can breathe," she says, fearing the baby's health while reaching her hands in between her legs. "I don't know what is happening."

Moments later, Alexis gathers all her strength and finally pushes her daughter out - the umbilical cord can be seen to still be attached to the mother.

The mother lets out a sigh of relief and cradles her newborn in her arms, who starts wailing.

"Oh, she had the baby," her husband says. "Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness, we just delivered a baby in the car. Oh my God."


Swinney posted the footage to Instagram and recounted her one-in-a-million birth story in the caption.

"There was something beyond special, about getting to deliver my own baby," she wrote. "No doctors or nurses, no lights, or busy people, no one interrupting a moment that should be the most special moments for families as they bring life into the world. The pain was there, but the joy and peace that followed in those minutes we got to spend alone with our sweet girl was more rewarding than anything I could have asked for. I honestly think that God allowed me to deliver safely in the car, instead of making it to the hospital, because He knew that my desire for a birth that was without interruption and full of hormones between baby and I, that desire was so deep. And something that the hospital just couldn’t provide for me."

Alexis also said that people often apologize that she didn't make it to the hospital after being shocked by hearing her story. But the mother-of-five has a different viewpoint, Daily Mail reports.

"They don’t understand that I just experienced something unrivaled to anything I could have imagined," she said. "I witnessed my body take over, and a baby be born into my hands. My body is not swollen, and I have no tears. I had my husband and children around me, and for 5 minutes, we embraced everything that happened without any interruption."

"Our family has preferred a unique chaos," she added. "It was crazy. But it was amazing."