Woman breaks down in court after cellmates claim she murdered her boyfriend because he left her for a beauty queen

A jilted woman sobbed in court during her murder retrial on Tuesday as three of her former cellmates said she killed her boyfriend because he was leaving her for Miss Ohio 2012.

                            Woman breaks down in court after cellmates claim she murdered her boyfriend because he left her for a beauty queen
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On Tuesday, three felons testified in court that Shayna Hubers shot her former boyfriend Ryan Poston dead because he was leaving her for Miss Ohio 2012, Audrey Bolte. According to them, Hubers had no remorse when telling them about Poston. In the recess that followed, Hubers broke down in tears and hugged one of her attorneys. As the judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys spoke about a witness with new testimony, attendees said it was the most emotion Hubers had shown during the retrial.

Hubers met Poston via Facebook and the pair dated on and off for a year and a half. Hubers allegedly shot Poston in his Highland Heights condominium in 2012 because he wanted to end their relationship, prosecutors say. But according to her, she shot him purely in self-defense. 

During Hubers's first trial, the testimony was scrapped after it was found that one of the jurors had a prior felony conviction, reported Daily Mail. This time, however, it was alleged that Hubers killed the 29-year-old lawyer because of their potential split, according to testimonies by felons Donna Dooley, Holly Nivens, and Cecily Miller.

Hubers was reportedly overheard telling her mother over the phone that Poston's family was rich enough to buy another son, Nivens testified. "She would get on the phone and cry and sing to her mom and say there’s worse crimes than murder,” Dooley said of Hubers.

It was also said that Hubers "cackled" as she talked about her ex. According to Miller, there was no remorse. "And then she said 'I gave him the nose job he always wanted,'" Miller said, recounting a conversation she had with Hubers.

Prosecutors then brought in forensics expert Howard Ryan of Highlands Forensics, who testified that Poston's head had slumped toward the kitchen table from the first shot to his forehead. The two shots in his back reportedly came from less than three feet away before his body fell to the ground. Three more bullets were pumped into his torso from the same distance, Ryan testified.

Anthony E. Jansen Jr, a former Highland Heights Police Department detective, started the retrial by testifying for the prosecution. He pointed out that a kitchen table and chair wrapped in plastic in the middle of the courtroom were the same ones he recovered from the lawyer's condominium.

According to him, the only thing different about the furniture then was that the blood had dried and flaked. Prosecutors excused Bill Birkenhauer, a Highland Heights detective who recently became police chief, as a witness Monday evening after frequent sidebars interrupted the testimony throughout the day.

The next day, Birkenhauer resumed his testimony and revealed that Hubers had logged into Poston's Facebook and blocked all female connections. He also revealed that during breakups, for every one text message sent by Poston, Hubers responded with about a 100 - thus raising questions about her mental health.