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Woman creates a social media campaign to find the 'hot guy' she met on a flight

Jo Lia is looking for the hot man that she bonded with on her flight trip and she is using the help of social media to make her happily ever after come true
UPDATED MAR 31, 2020
(Source:Getty Images)
(Source:Getty Images)

Gone are the days when Prince Charming used to find for their Cinderella with a pair of glass sandals because, in 2018, a woman just looks for her Prince Charming by starting a social media campaign! Jo Lia met a wonderful man on her flight home from Spain and now this single mother is on the lookout for this man but she needs a little help from people on the internet. The pair was traveling from Valencia to Gatwick and while there was a bit of flirty exchange, the two did not exchange numbers. However, she sure wasn't going to give up on finding him because she took to her social media to share a picture of the man and asked people if anyone knew him. 

In order to help people find him, Jo also gave some clues. For starters, she said his name was Joe and looked a lot like Liverpool football player Jordan Henderson. As reported by Daily Mail, the man who Jo has been looking for had helped her with the luggage. While the two seemed to have hit it off in their journey, unfortunately for her, she didn't have much to go on with and decided to seek help from people on social media. 

In the picture she posted on the internet, Jo mentioned how she regretted not giving him her number and was urging the internet to reunite them in her 'Find Hot Guy' campaign. She further captioned the picture as "Jo was sat next to a hot guy on a plane from Valencia to Gatwick yesterday. Hot guy helped Jo put luggage into overhead hold. Hot guy made conversation a few times."

"Hot guy got Jo’s luggage down for her. Hot guy looked a little like Jordan Henderson. Hot guy’s name was also Joe!" She ended the post by writing, "Jo and Joe smiled at each other a few times." Jo, who wrote the caption for the picture in the third person said that she regrets not expressing her feelings to the man when she had the chance. "Jo was silly. Jo didn’t give hot guy her number when she had the opportunity! Jo regrets this now," she continued. 

She further added, "Help Jo find hot guy by sharing this post!! Even if just for fun!!" While we are not sure if Jo found her Joe but people did not give up hope on this love story as the post was shared  796 times and not forget the hundreds of comments she received from people who sent her words of encouragement and stated that she hoped she met the guy. "Shared for you! Praying he's single and straight and finds his way to you.  he's probably doing the same thing of sharing his story!! Xx [sic]" read one comment. 

Another added, "Go to help desk at the airport..say passenger Joe left something on the plane..give your number..when he calls to say "You left me"... Good luck! Xx." While another wrote, "Call the airline. Tell them you found he's wallet! They get him to call!!! X'" Let's just hope Jo will meet the man.