'Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It?' will be a treat for anyone who wants to laugh about the agonies of being a woman

Whitney Cummings will address the topics of sexual harassment, feminism, technology and more in her forthcoming stand-up comedy show

                            'Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It?' will be a treat for anyone who wants to laugh about the agonies of being a woman

The social issues relating to a woman even today are several. Though the world has progressed a lot, there are many instances where women are not allowed to do a lot of things.

Women all across the globe go through social issues in relation to what they wear, where they work, how they handle themselves and whatnot.

The issue of sexual harassment has become a cause of worry all across the globe. The intent of someone sexually assaulting another person has gone out of proportion, victims are made to hear questions regarding what they were wearing and why they put themselves in such situations. 

Now, Whitney Cummings is trying her best to address these major social issues in her upcoming stand-up special ' Can I Touch It'. 

Cummings is best known for her creation of the series 'Two Broke Girls', a story about two women struggling to battle with the hardships of life and trying to make a living with the little they make from working at the cafeteria as waitresses.

In the forthcoming series, Cummings again tries to portray how girls also can achieve something if they put their heads to it. And with her fantastic comic sense, she knows how to put her words into use to let the world know that being a woman is tough.

Her stand-up comedy sets are filled with small, but big social issues relating to women and how they are supposed to be perceived.

In her show 'Money Shot' she completely dismantled the idea of sex, and how men can just get away with anything they want and woman need to make a conscious effort to be available for a man. The wide range of topics also includes the differences between men and women and how both tend to behave in relationships. 

She feels men hardly make an effort in relationships except when it comes to sex, they are always and only worried about doing it. While a woman makes a conscious effort to develop a relationship that will eventually lead to a wedding in the end. But just talk of a wedding and the guy takes off, this is the reality behind the lives of women and relationships today. Nobody wants to make an effort to construct and stick together in making a relationship work besides the sexual aspect connected to it.

Cummings has a very strong opinion on the way women put themselves in situations where they need to make an effort to make an impression. She also strongly believes that a woman has the power and strength to turn the world upside down if she wanted to and it's just that she needs to recognize herself as a naturally beautiful human being who needs to just appreciate her body and live life to the fullest without the fear of being judged. 

Whitney Cummings speaks onstage during the 2019 Girlboss Rally at UCLA on June 29, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.

She gives a paradoxical viewpoint to the issues of womanhood and helps people understand the seriousness of the issues that women go through on a day to day basis.

Whitney Cumming will in her true self shed light on the social issue of sexual harassment in her upcoming stand 'Can I Touch It', how it has become so common it's almost like a joke.

She will be giving it a sarcastic outlook so women can understand that they are not just mere objects to be viewed. The women of the Netflix will definitely be rooting for the stand-up show and the content Cummings will be providing, the trailer itself shows high prospects of it being one that will not be forgotten. 

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