Woman allegedly murdered 64-year-old husband by adding over-the-counter eye drops to his food for three days

Lana Clayton was arrested after an autopsy revealed a high amount of neurotoxin in her 64-year-old husband's body

                            Woman allegedly murdered 64-year-old husband by adding over-the-counter eye drops to his food for three days

A 52-year-old woman from South California has been arrested and charged with poisoning and murdering her husband, according to reports. The woman, identified as Lana Clayton, was known by locals who attended her neighborhood Bible study.

According to York County deputies, Clayton allegedly killer her 64-year-old husband Steven Clayton after an autopsy revealed a high amount of tetrahydrozoline in his body, according to the Daily Mail. Clayton was charged with malicious tampering with a drug product or food and is currently being held at York County Detention Center.

Tetrahydrozoline is a chemical which is generally found in over-the-counter eye drop brands like Visine. The drops aid in restructing blood vessels when poured over eyes to clear redness. Reports state that, when the chemical is taken orally, it acts as a neurotoxin and can attack the nervous system of a person.


The woman, who is a nursing employee of the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Charlotte, later confessed to detectives after the autopsy results revealed that the chemical had been in her husband's system for nearly three days. 

Clayton reportedly admitted to lethally poisoning her husband of eight years by spiking his food between July 19 and 21. Steven Clayton was found dead at his home on July 21 in Island Forks Road, Clover. Authorities state that he was found in a position which suggested that he had fallen down the stairs, according to reports.

Soon after his death, his wife held a funeral for him in their backyard in August. The ceremony, however, was organized before the autopsy was done. 

Clayton's Facebook post from 2010 suggest that they had a troubled marriage. However, it was not clear whether she was talking about her ex.


In her posts, she had claimed that her man was unfaithful and had fathered her children.

Clayton, on February 2010, wrote: "Sorry guys. My sister just upset for me. My husband is not a drunk he had an affair. However, he is the father of my children and my kids. Look at my facebook. Soooo . I do appreciate the support though."