Woman killed mother and sister, and then 'staged the crime scene' to make it look like a murder-suicide

The bodies of Helen Hargan, 23, and Pamela Hansen Hargan, 63, were found shot to death inside their home and it was believed that Helen shot her mother before killing herself

                            Woman killed mother and sister, and then 'staged the crime scene' to make it look like a murder-suicide

The authorities in Fairfax County, Virginia, have arrested a woman in connection with the murders of her sister and her mother in a case in McClean that was initially classified as a murder-suicide. 35-year-old Megan Hargan was arrested close to her home in Monongalia County, West Virginia, early on November 9 morning.

The arrest happened after the authorities said she was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

WTOP reported that Major Ed O'Carrol, the commander of the department's major crimes bureau, described the case on November 9 as being a tragedy and was an example of "domestic violence at its worst". 


The bodies of 23-year-old Helen Hargan and 63-year-old Pamela Hansen Hargan were found shot to death inside their home in McClean in July 2017. The authorities said initially that it looked like Helen shot her mother and then shot herself. 

O'Carrol, however, said that investigators had initially started having their doubts and finally determined that the gruesome crime scene had been staged. Speaking of the crime scene, the commander said: "It was made to look one way. Our detectives are smart and we realized that that necessarily wasn’t the case, and we followed up on every lead."

Megan soon started drawing all the suspicion to herself when the police found out that she has tried to make some fraudulent wire transfers from her mother's account on the day of the killing as well as the day before. She was interviewed by detectives twice, including on the day of the killings. O'Carrol did not specify what her demeanor was or what she said on both those days.

He said: "I will say that detectives were open-minded from the minute they arrived on the scene till yesterday when we got word of the indictment being authorized. Every lead was followed up on."


When O'Carrol was questioned by the reporters on why the deaths of the mother and daughter were originally described as a probable murder-suicide, he said that the police were doing their best to give out the information they had at the time. He also said that the media relations team "did their best to share the way it looked that day".

He added later: "We’ve got a lot of information that comes out from a breaking news event such as this tragedy in our community. We do the best we can to share with our community what we know at the time, what information’s coming from the scene."

The authorities have released few details of the evidence that linked Megan to the murders because O'Carrol said that they are still investigating and that the case was still "active". The authorities have recovered the gun that they believe was used in the shootings. Megan's house is still being searched and investigated for more evidence.