Woman who grabbed husband’s genitals so hard that he ‘crumpled’ to the floor crying out in pain gets arrested

Woman who grabbed husband’s genitals so hard that he ‘crumpled’ to the floor crying out in pain gets arrested

Tampa, Florida: A 44-year-old woman, who was trying to arouse his husband for sex but instead grabbed his genitals so hard that he was left writhing around in pain on the floor, was arrested on Monday, July 22.

A police affidavit revealed Anastacia Tasch was charged with domestic battery as a result of the incident which occurred at the couple's holiday home in Tampa, Daily Mail reports.

Tasch's husband, who is yet to be identified, was sleeping on the couch at around 5:30 am on July 22 when she approached him and "without provocation or permission" clamped her hands around his genitals.

Anastacia Tasch has now been charged with domestic battery. (Pasco Sheriff's Office)


According to authorities, the husband "crumpled" to the floor crying out in pain and later faced difficulty walking after Tasch grabbed his manhood with such force.

An argument subsequently broke out between the pair, before police were called to the address.

Tasch later admitted to them she grabbed "the victim’s genitals without his consent."

According to the police, the woman grabbed her husband “in a sexual manner because she was attempting to arouse the victim in an effort to have sexual intercourse."

Tasch was later booked on the sexual battery charges at the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and detained on a $1,500 bond.

While the sex-hungry wife has left police custody, it is unclear if the couple has reconciled since.

According to the complaint, Tasch and her husband have two children together.

Last month, we reported how a woman squeezed her boyfriend's testicles until they bled following a heated argument over her texting an old friend for dinner.


On June 4 this year, Katie Lee Pitchford was arrested by officers who responded to reports of an assault at their residence in Indian Harbour Beach, located about 70 miles from Orlando.

 Katie Lee Pitchford allegedly continued to “strike him with her fists and scratched the left side of his face," the victim told officers. (Facebook)

The arrest affidavit stated that the man had blood running down the left side of his face, which was visibly bruised. The boyfriend also told police that Pitchford "grabbed him by his b---s and squeezed them until they were bleeding.”

The 21-year-old was placed under arrest for battery. While traveling to the police station in a patrol car, she asked cops if she could talk to her boyfriend to apologize for her actions.


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 Woman charged arouse husband grabbing genitals hard left writhing pain