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Woman left scarred and disabled after being attacked by giant Bully Kutta dog wants breed BANNED

The dog bite on her right thigh was so severe that it severed many muscles and nerves, and she still has no feeling below her knee 
The Bully Kutta breed of dogs (pictured above) is known for being enormous, aggressive and deadly (Wikimedia)
The Bully Kutta breed of dogs (pictured above) is known for being enormous, aggressive and deadly (Wikimedia)

BLACKBURN, LANCASHIRE: A woman, from Blackburn, Lancashire, is calling for a ban on the Bully Kutta breed after being brutally attacked and injured by one. The woman, who doesn't want to be named, was attacked when she was walking her two small dogs in a park in January.

When she was "chewed like a piece of flesh" by the dog, she underwent skin grafts, sutures, and extensive rehabilitation before she could walk. The dog bit on her right thigh so badly that it severed many muscles and nerves. The victim is a Blackburn, Lancashire, native who suffers from pins and needles every day and still has no feeling below her knee. 


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The woman was "scarred" by the attack, and it took her several months to get the courage to take her dogs for a walk. Metro reported that the victim described the attack as gruesome. She said, "It grabbed onto my leg and wouldn’t let go. The only way I can describe it is to say it’s as if it had a piece of meat in its mouth and it was trying to chew its way to the bone. I was very lucky. If I hadn’t thought to turn my back on that dog when it came racing towards me, I am in no doubt that it would have killed me."

She said that she hasn't heard anything from the police about whether the owner was being charged since the initial incident, so she was now campaigning for a change in the law, Mirror reported. 

She said, "Why are the police not doing more? Why are people still allowed to own dogs like this? There have been two very young children killed recently in different parts of the country because of dog attacks, and something needs to be done or else it’s going to happen again."

The dog is reportedly still in their kennels after being seized by authorities three days after the attack. However, the woman questioned why it hadn't been destroyed and why she was paying taxes for the police to continue caring for an animal that had caused her such excruciating agony.

She asked, "What has been done with the dog? I have heard nothing from the police on whether the woman who owns the dog has been prosecuted, or whether the dog has been destroyed or is going to be able to be allowed back to its owner. Why should we, as taxpayers be paying to look after this animal? Something needs to be done." The victim continued, "The law needs changing. The council needs stricter licenses and the police need to do more."

American Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogos Argentinos, and Fila Brasileiros are among the dog breeds that are currently prohibited. The Bully Kutta is mostly employed for hunting or guarding on the Indian subcontinent. Males may weigh up to 196 lbs and stand an average height of 2.6ft. The Smart Canine describes the breed as "enormous, aggressive, and deadly," and its temperament is defined as "aggressive, intelligent, energetic, responsive, alert, and protective."