Woman's beloved pet savagely mauled by group of dogs while out for Christmas Day stroll

Woman's beloved pet savagely mauled by group of dogs while out for Christmas Day stroll

A woman has lashed out at dog owners who allowed her pooch to be viciously mauled during a Christmas Day stroll in Dublin.

Siobhan Cleary was with siblings Ciaran and Ash and her beloved Staffordshire Terrier Theo when three large dogs, believed to be Pitbulls, pounced on Theo and began to tear apart the defenseless animal.

The canines had to be kicked and punched by a crowd of people to stop the horrific attack. The incident left Theo battling for his life and he underwent urgent veterinary treatment, Dublin Live reported.

"Two men came running out after them. I assume they were the owners and jumped on top of them trying to control them but it was impossible. They were monsters and none of them had collars, leads or muzzles on," 35-year-old Siobhan Cleary told the publication.

A representative picture of a Staffordshire Terrier (Getty Images)
A representative picture of a Staffordshire Terrier (Getty Images)

"I started screaming get them off, they were going to kill him, I could just see him being torn apart under all of them. I started kicking them, punching them then I remember someone told me to stick your fingers up a dogs bum in a dog attack so I did it to the biggest one and he let go for a second and when he let go they all let go for a brief second," Cleary narrated.

"I kept screaming and eventually people started to help me kick them and we were all trying to pull them off which gave him a couple of seconds to get away."

The dogs then "turned on their owners" as they struggled to get them under control. "People were helping block them while we got away because they were determined to kill him [Theo]," Cleary said.

She added, "I was absolutely terrified. So I went running to the car in case the dogs caught up with us and killed him."

Calling the incident "the most horrific and horrifying experience", Cleary lashed out at the "completely irresponsible and incapable owners", and demanded that they take the blame for their pets' behavior.

"I will never understand how on earth someone could think it was OK to let dogs of such mass strength loose on a busy beach on Christmas Day full of people, especially kids and dogs, without any sort of protection for others," she said, adding "Not even a collar to grab them, an absolute disgrace. I do not blame the dogs. I believe the owners are to blame."

Police are investigating the attack and Theo is recovering well after the incident.

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