Joe Jackson's granddaughter Yasmine stabbed seven times by woman in racist attack: 'I'm proud to be black'

22-year-old Angela Bonell was arrested for stabbing Joe Jackson's granddaughter, Yasmine, while repeatedly calling her the n-word

                            Joe Jackson's granddaughter Yasmine stabbed seven times by woman in racist attack: 'I'm proud to be black'

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: A shocking video clip showed a Las Vegas woman being arrested after she allegedly stabbed Joe Jackson's granddaughter, Yasmine Jackson, seven times while calling her the n-word. The footage shows 22-year-old Angela Bonell was led away by police while other cops sit on the ground and nurse Yasmine who is seen sitting on the ground after having her face slashed. Yasmine's mother Joh' Vonnie was the secret love child of Cheryle Terrell and Michael Jackson's father, Joe. 

Yasmine had shared some very graphic pictures of her horrific injuries after the alleged attack close to her home on May 30. Bonell has currently been charged with a hate crime and attempted murder with a deadly weapon, according to News3. Check out the video here. Yasmine said, "I was stabbed 7 times right by my house because 'I'm a n****r'." She added how all she could hear was Bonell repeatedly using the racial and derogatory slur while she attacked her. In the video clip, Yasmine is being taken care of by onlookers and an officer.

Her head had been bandaged with blood seen all over her forehead. Bonell is initially seen laying on the ground while she is handcuffed before being led away by cops as more police arrive at the scene of the crime in the video. 

The images that Yasmine shared show her with some large gashes on both sides of her face while a dressing is seen covering the back of her neck. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that they were called to check on reports that a woman was being attacked. Yasmine was rushed to the hospital with cuts on her head and body.

Witnesses told police that Bonell had made some noise complaints about Yasmine who had been her upstairs neighbor. Bonell threw a broom at Yasmine before she attacked her. Yasmine's friend, Dymin Dilaurentis, had called the police. However, Bonell told police that "she was just out for a walk and does not own a knife." Yasmine had captioned the images and had written, "I was stabbed seven times right by my house because 'I’m a n*****'."

"This woman chased me down and started stabbing me. She said it’s because I was a n***** and that’s all I could hear while I was being stabbed. I can't move my neck at all. I’m scared to be alone. I asked people to help me because she was stabbing me and nobody helped," Yasmine added. "Until someone did, actually a few people did and I am thankful for you. I pray to God that if you have any kind of hatred in your heart towards black people that you heal it. I didn’t deserve this, nobody does. Oh and by the way, I’m still f****** proud to be black," she continued.

Joh' Vonnie also took to social media to share pictures of her daughter's wounds along with the caption, "Look what this woman did to my daughter. She tried to kill my daughter for being Black. My daughter has a good heart and has dedicated her time as a nurse to help others." She added, "She did not deserve this! F*** anyone who has enough hate in their heart to want to do this to anyone!"

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