Woman arrested for letting two men assault her 2-year-old daughter, who now has an STD and meth in her system

Court documents revealed that Azzie Watson's boyfriend made a recording of the young mother-of-two talking about watching her child get raped and calling herself a 'coward' after.

                            Woman arrested for letting two men assault her 2-year-old daughter, who now has an STD and meth in her system
(Source:Police Department)

A young mother was charged with allowing two adult men to rape her 2-year-old toddler repeatedly. The girl then contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD). 25-year-old Azzie Watson from Independence, Missouri, was charged on July 17 with child abuse and endangerment. Her bond has been set at $75,000. Court documents revealed that Watson's boyfriend, Charles D. Green, made a recording of the young mother-of-two talking about taking her elder child to the same house where she was raped by two adult men five times. She can also be heard in the recording saying that she had watched the men rape her daughter repeatedly and that she called herself a "coward" after. 

According to the Kansas City Star, the horrifying case started unraveling on June 29 after the authorities were called to a hospital in Kansas City for a report of a rape on a minor. When the officers were in the hospital, they were given a recording of the alleged confession made by Watson which led to her subsequent arrest on an unrelated charge of failure to appear in court.

The documents have shown that when the young mother was interviewed by investigators in jail last week, she said that whatever she spoke about in the recording was a lie because she was terrified of her boyfriend.

The detectives then told Watson that her daughter now had an STD after being tested positive for it. She was also found to have methamphetamine in her system. Both the toddler and her one-year-old brother were found to have had foreign metal objects stuck in their feet because of allegedly walking around barefoot inside their mother's home which was filled with debris. Watson told the detectives that she did not know her elder child had contracted the STD.

Both the young children have been living in the care of a foster parent since June this year. It was the foster parent who had taken them to the hospital on June 29 after the girl, who had never had any contact with her father, told the foster parent something shocking as she was changing the toddler's diaper. The toddler allegedly said: "Daddy hurt me. Daddy, stop being mean. Daddy, it hurts."

Watson was suddenly faced with abuse and endangerment charges along with accusations that she had confessed in a recorded call that she had "delivered" her daughter to the house in east Kansas City about 10 times at least. She can also be heard in the recording saying that she watched the two men sexually assaulting her daughter. She faces three counts of abuse or neglect and one count of endangerment after it was discovered that the children were living in close proximity to methamphetamine and amphetamine.

43-year-old Green, Watson's boyfriend, has also been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child in relation to him possessing meth in the presence of the two young children. A spokesperson for the Kansas City police said on July 18 that no one had been arrested as of yet or even charged with the child's rape. The investigation is still ongoing.

Watson is said to have other charges still pending against her in Wyandotte County. She was being held at the Wyandotte County jail as the investigators launched their investigation into the shocking discovery made by the foster parent. The two children had been taken to the Children's Mercy hospital when the authorities were called by the officials in the hospital. Green had been arrested that same day by Independence Police on an unrelated charge and this was how the detectives got a hold of the recorded confession made by Watson.

According to the statement made by the investigators, the young mother had said in the recording that she was embarrassed about going back to the house where the men had raped her child and even said it was "bad and so wrong".

The investigator's statement said that they spoke to Watson in an interview room at the jail she was being held in on July 10. She told them that the recording was false and that she had felt scared of Green. She said that she lied to him "because he wasn't believing the truth". Watson also told the police that she had not taken her children to the other home and that they had been living with Green in his motorcycle shop on US 40 in Independence. This explains the sharp objects that were found embedded in the feet of the children. She also confessed to the detectives that her children had called Green "daddy".

Aubree Crawford, Watson's childhood friend, said that the young mother had not had a stable home herself when she was growing up in Great Bend, Kansas. She told the Kansas City Star: "She seemed happy for the most part. I don’t think the constant moving really impacted her much. She was always wanting to become friends with new people. It’s crazy to me that she let this happen to her 2-year-old." Watson had been 8 when she and Crawford met. She had been living with her grandmother for some time and then with a family friend. 

When Watson turned 14, the family friend passed away so she was moved to a foster home that was being run by the friend's daughter. In 2017, the young mother was arrested and charged with felony drug distribution in Wyandotte County. She had been free on bond and failed to appear in court for the preliminary hearing in December and this added a contempt of court charge as well as a warrant for her arrest. The Kansas City police investigated the new charges of child abuse and neglect and while this was happening, Watson was arrested on the pending charges from the Wyandotte County. She is still in the custody of the Wyandotte County jail and has a bond of $20,000.

The foster parent who had taken in the two young children said that the children exhibited strange behavior. She told investigators that in spite of the fear they had, the children never once asked for their mother. The foster parent also said that she had never before fostered children who never asked for their parents. 

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